Monday’s Happiness

Wavecrest and the Outriders Picnic are two of the best events of the year in my book. They rank right up there with the GNRS and the LARS. They occur on the same weekend and require a lot of driving (800 miles for me) but they are worth the effort. The wife and I along with Walt and Lorraine headed out early Saturday morning for Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, California which is about 200 miles from our house. The weather was perfect if you like 80 degree temperatures early in the morning. We met up with Walt at LAX and headed south. The cars ran perfectly and we arrived in plenty of time to land a shady parking spot. The temperatures on the beach went to 100 degrees by noon and we were happy we had the spot on the incline under the trees. The turnout was great and everyone had a great time viewing the many beautiful woodies, seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Woody owners are some of the most friendliest you will ever meet in the automotive hobby. The highest number I saw on the registration was 229 and I think I looked at everyone, especially the 1940 models. Shoeboxes, by far, are becoming the most popular woodies to build. There were row after row of the 49-51 Fords and several for sale. I am stuck on having four doors but I do like the looks of the shoeboxes. We enjoyed the day, a Famous Dave’s BBQ lunch and then headed back toward’s LA. The A/C was required and Curvy’s unit worked very well keeping us cool in the slow heavy traffic and 100 degree heat. The car ran 190 degrees and never overheated even during the slow speeds. Curvy has two pushers and an engine driven fan to keep her cool. Curvy rides and drives like a late model car which speaks highly of the builder. I hope Andre works as well.

Sunday was another wonderful day for my wife and I. We arrived at Oak Park early and again secured a nice parking spot but not in the shade. It turned out we didn’t need any chairs to sit under the trees as we spent the entire time looking at the cars, talking to friends and eating the best Tri-tip lunch you could ask for. Jane and I found a new color for our delivery. The color is called Cordoba Tan found on a 1936 Ford. I know Gary will like that as his Woody is painted that color. After lunch, we headed back down to the beach to see our son and his wife who were in town for the weekend. Sydney, our grandson, was especially happy to see us and he is growing bigger each day. We could not have asked for a better weekend. Cars, friends and family is what my life is all about.

Thanks Walt and Lorraine for sharing Curvy with Pewsplace.

Stay Tooned!


The color guard was on hand to start the show. You can see the crowds were heavy at 9:00 am. This 49 woody was fresh and very, very nice. Frenched headlights and modern driveline made it a beach cruiser. The interior was also green  and was very unusual with square weave inserts in the seats and door panels. The panel below the dash holds A/C controls and vents.

A pair of 40’s were parked on the bluff overlooking the Pacific. Word had it these spots were gone on Thursday.The yellow car was from New Hampshire.

Mark had my favorite 40 of the show. The car looks stock but is a full blown hot rod with a MII, 9 inch, A/C etc. and plenty of go power for cruising the California coast. The 46-48 Woodies have always been the most popular and the most expensive to build and I still love them for their roominess and overall elegance. Some people have a hard time telling a 38 from a 39 woody. Here is a photo of both with the 39 being on the right side in the photo. The hood vent and side trim are very different. Ford did not make a 38 standard and in 39 added a standard model along with the deluxe model. Dave Welles owns the 38 and drives the coast daily looking for waves. There were several 37 Woodies in the show but this hot rod green one stood out in my eye. My wife loved the color and the interior along with the beautiful wood.

Outriders Picnic

Curvy found a new boyfriend at the Outriders this year. The car started out several years ago as a project for Jim Jenks of OP fame. Bob purchased the car and finished it over the last few years into the stunning beauty you see here. Brookville RPU number 1 is owned by Ed and he keeps it perfect. The black paint is flawless and a mile deep. For your old time guys this 29 track roadster had all the correct items to make your drool.

Rich and Eric discuss Eric’s daily driver with over 11,000 miles on the build so far. He is making a new top to keep him out of the sun. A banger motor is used for power.

This 55 tudor post was my choice for the  High School Hot Rod award. The interior had white/blue tuck and roll, blue dash knobs, covered steering wheel and rearview mirror dice. Body modifications were limited to nosed and decked with tastfull pin striping. A lowered stance and whitewalls would make you the king driving around the football field track on homecoming night.

Pinstriper’s like the 56 wagons. I like them also. It seems to me like Phil needs one of these to make the long hauls in addition to his super roadster.

Weekend Favorite!

Gary has one of the nicest 3 windows around. His new green interior really makes the car a standout. He drives this car all over the country.

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