Monday’s Grandparents

The wife and I were engaged into taking care of our 2 year old grandson this past weekend and I am wore out from trying to keep up with him. It has been many years since I had to do anything like this and it was wonderful. The park, Zoo, ice cream, sand boxes and many other places kept me out of the garage except for nap time. Grandchildren bring your youthfulness back to your old body, if you know what I mean. We look forward to having him back real soon which means I need a car seat that fits in the delivery.

I will be short with any car stories as I am wore out tonight. I am going to finish up the new shock mounts on Pepe this week at Fred’s and be ready to go by the weekend. I ended up buying some Ride Tech shocks for the rear that have the correct travel up and down. I hope no more bottoming for Pepe. I will try to take some photos of the removal and installation of the new mounts and shocks.

Have a good week doing whatever you do and remember the garage is waiting!

Stay Tooned!



After 4 long years and lots of hard work Gary’s 40 is ready for some shiny black paint. This is the stage that I get nervous about going to paint jail. Good luck!

Pepe is running excellent and is shown here standing tall at Johnny Carson Park. The wife is reading her Sunday paper from cover to cover.

Bob’s Deuce tudor is one of my favorites. The color is 57 Porsche blue and is accented with Tacoma Cream wheels. He is leaving me this one in his will as I found it for him.

The Eastwood & Barakat clone looks good out and about. Compare this style to the above Resto style and tell me which you like best. You know which one I like.

A very slight top chop looks perfect on this oldie. I have only seen the car a couple of times, but I fall in love each time. ( I am easy!)

If you can afford the best, then you can have Moal build you a stunning 29 track roadster to drive. The proportions are perfect in my mind and this car looks ready to race sitting still.

Terry has a nice 4 – door project for sale at Stoker’s Hot Rods. The body is very nice and sitting on a new chassis you could be driving to the LARS in June.

How about a Deuce Vicky tub hiboy? Looks like some new louvers in the hood. Do you suppose he cut the roof off of a Vicky?

The 40 dash has no shame as they show up in Deuce sedans all the time. This one was done right. Note the neat tin work on the floor.

Rex at Custom Auto did the chop on this 5 window which is now for sale, complete or body only. Looks good to me.

Could this be an early morning Coffee cruise in? The front 4 are definitely ready for the salt but the shirt and tie driver must be on his coffee break.

Monday’s Deuce Chassis! (

Industrial Chassis made these neat upper shock brackets which bolt on the stock crossmember. You could use these on most stock ford rear cross members. I am not sure if he sells them but they would be a fast mover in my mind.

This photo shows Industrial Chassis’s answer to a combination ladder bar and shock mount…great idea.

Here is a photo of IC rear suspension set up. I have always felt this is the best set up for the traditional styled rod. The Bronco rear end is very strong, dependable and looks right for this style of rod. Note the ladder bars are special also. The car will have the 60’s look which is my era.

IC also builds a nice Hurst type front motor mount which looks right for this build style and allows the use of a stock fuel pump. I am saving my money for one of these units. See the HAMB for more.

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