Monday’s GNRS Review


For me, attending the GNRS each year is one of the most exciting times of the year.  The show starts off the year by “pumping me up” with the energy required to get excited about another great year enjoying our wonderful hobby. Friday was a perfect shorts and T-shirt day and was less crowded touring the 9 buildings. Our group spent from noon until five looking at cars, talking to both old and new friends and finally ending up at my favorite dinner spot — The Mining Company — for a delicious dinner and desert. (thanks Walt) Saturday was a different story both weather wise and crowds. I don’t know what the count was but the parking lot was full, the buildings were very crowded and the drive in participants were plentiful. The contenders, 13 in all, were all in building 4 and required a second look. I had my favorite but I would not have wanted to be a judge as the cars were all nice, some more show car oriented and others more my style with drivability. The AMBR was a surprise to me but I am very happy for Darryl and Terri for winning the big trophy. Congratulations to Cory for building such a great chassis and being such a young man with lots of talent. Your future looks bright.

The show had something for everybody. The Suede Place was filled with some very nice cars that could have been in the main buildings. The outside display surrounding this building on Saturday was simply amazing. The culture of the owners and the cars represent a big movement in the LA area. I spent about an hour looking at all the various cars inside and out of the Palace. Buildings filled with customs, coupes, roadsters and sedans made up the balance with motorcycles filling a small section. Since I had been in most of the buildings on Friday I spent a lot of time outdoors looking at cars and talking to owners. I enjoyed talking to many of you who stopped by and said hello. The quality of the cars was very high, especially all the fabulous paint jobs on most show cars. Straight panels and perfect gaps were present on the majority of the cars. I certainly can appreciate the time and dollars it takes to accomplish these finishes. Even some of the drive-in cars had paint jobs that were equally as well executed. I didn’t go back on Sunday as it was really raining in our area. I won’t know the winner until later but should know by press time.

The show was a success in my mind. I truly enjoyed myself and looking forward to going again next year. John Buck and his staff handled the show without many problems that were present from the spectators eyes. Congratulations on a job well done!

Stay Tooned!


America’s Most BeautifulRoadster


Now, this is what an AMBR should look like and is driven.

Congratulations to Darryl and Terri Hollenbeck.


Nice photo of the winners!


The Suede Palace


The Suede Place had some nice early style cars this year. Some patina and some finished.


This 29 roadster was perfect and was completely finished inside and out. There seemed to be an abundance of 28/29 Ford roadsters in the show this year.


I am partial to GMC Truck and this one was very nice sitting outside the Suede Palace.


The early Chevrolet/GMC suburbans also make nice haulers. My dealership restored one of these.


A bare naked Mercury was also looking good sitting outside The Suede Palace.

Drive-in Display


I liked this Deuce roadster with the laid back windshield and nice maroon paint.


Ryan had his line up of builds on display and they were all inspected by the crowds.


How does he get those cars so low? The sedan is his latest that went on the table for some Reeds Design changes.


For you Deuce lovers how about a pair of banger coupes!


Rick has his 427 Inglese stack injection running smoothly. Sound great!!!

Indoor Show


One of my favorite Lowery built 33 roadsters was on display.


Dave and I thought this T-tub was a really great looking ride and loads of fun.


There were several 40 pickups on display and all were nicely done. Slight chop looked good.


My favorite coupe was this beauty with the aggressive chop and early styling. $$$


The whole car was executed with some thought for racing styling.


Roy had an all non-roadster display. My choice was this red 3-window. Screamed the 70’s.


The only Deuce Tub I saw in the show.


The tub had a big wheel bike on the back for a different look.


Wayne from Collecting Classic Cars was on hand with his Moal creation. Unique styling with excellent Moal workmanship made it an attraction.


SO-CAL had a nice fresh roadster on display that I liked. Pure simplicity with attention to detail. Nice!



The Rolling Bones had a booth selling Peter Vincent’s Book and Peter was signing copies for purchasers.

IMG_5631 IMG_5632

Pinkee’s always has some neat products on display in his booth. The backing plates and drums really had a great look. $$$$


Pinkee’s builds traditional style cars with Eric’s personal touch.


Here is another style using and independent rear axle QC.

The Need for Speed


Building 9 was dedicated to “The need for Speed” and had a nice examples of racers from the past and future on display.


Walt liked the Harry Miller Special was looks like it is brand new.


Another creation was this Albata racer.


Streamliners was present including Poteet’s rebuilt Speed Demon streamliner. (not shown)


The workmanship and engineering that goes into these cars takes some real craftsman.



The new top really changes the profile on this 40 convertible.


Bill Ganahl had a very nice 40 convertible on display. He owns South City Rod & Custom in San Francisco.


I love the 54 Mercury and this one was done right. Very, Very Nice!!


Kindig had their Beautiful Blue Suede Shoes Buick Invicta on display with all the bells and whistles in place.


Seldom seen customized this Pontiac was also very nicely done.


Ray was displaying his version of the LZ which wowed the crowds.

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