Monday’s Gas

The high cost of gas in CA is having an effect on our hobby. It seems people are thinking twice about filling up their tank with $5.00/gallon gas, driving several miles to the car event, paying $35-50 to enter your car and then trying to enjoy the event while telling your wife it was worth it. I think I will reduce my attendance if the gas continues to rise but if it means I don’t buy a Starbucks for $4.00 bucks, I will continue to attend my favorite shows.

Today’s Throttlers Picnic has always been one of my favorite shows. The Model T Club has produced this show for many years and everything is free except the pancake breakfast. Attendance was a little light, but there were plenty of cars for me to admire and shoot photos. The show is known for traditional rods and they turned out in quantities today. The weather was perfect and the grassy grounds of JCP are always a nice place to park your hot rod. I arrived early expecting to wait in line, but I drove right in and parked on the grass under the trees. Bob-O moved closer to the road but I stayed on the grass. My highlight of the show is that Bruce Meyer always drives one of his nice cars to the event and today he drove his “Nickel Deuce” built by the late Don Thelan. Curvy was a big hit and the only woody in the show.

I did mange to work on Andre’s sheet metal this weekend. I learned that there is a difference in the standard and deluxe upper hood catch. It appears they look alike but are different in length where the T bolts to the hood. I am looking for a deluxe unit now that I have the standard one. I also knocked out a few dents and the hood is now ready to be primered. Good hoods are getting very hard to locate.

I wonder how Andre would like and electric motor. He has lots of room for the batteries.

Stay Tooned!


I had a great parking spot on the grass next to the creek. This was at 7:30 am. Later the area was full of cars.

Art drove his delicious 29 RPU to the event. Flathead powered and flawless is how he builds everything. He can do it all.

More and more people are building the Deuce 4 door sedan. This body was mint and was a daily driver like so many of the cars at the show.

Burbank is full of traditional style rods. This is an early morning photo of some of the group. I love the sedan on the left.

Jake comes a long way to attend this show every year. His panel is as straight as you can imagine. It still looks new.

Ron has lots of unusual hot rods but this Ardun head equipped RPU was a work of art. The motor sounded great and is shifted by a T-5 transmission.

By 9:00 am the traditional area was full of coupes and roadsters of all varieties. I spend most of my time in this area.

Bruce made my day with this beauty. The car has always been one of my favorites since it was built in the 80’s.

I love QC’s and this was one the Eastwood put under the chassis that he purchased from Speedway.

Today’s Woody!

John adjusted the stance and added whitewalls to Ruby. I love it. She likes her new home and is getting good treatment.


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