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The weather was about as perfect as you could ask for. You could drive your roadster or your coupe and still be very comfortable. I was busy all weekend and did not get to attend the car events but several of you sent in photos of some of your favorites. The SEMA Show also ended and it was the largest vendor attendance in the history of the show. WOW, what a week it was for performance oriented people. Just think, next week is the Winter Nationals in Pomona. We do live in car heaven on the West coast.

I did manage to accomplish a little this weekend on Andre. I cut out all the patches for the holes in the firewall. I was lucky as there were only 3 extra holes to fill. I did fill the old wiring hole in the top of the drivers side and the hole in the recess for wiring. I will leave all the remaining holes so I can install the firewall insulator. Gary persuaded me to do this as it looks correct and does the job. I will be installing a 40 Ford heater so I left the holes for the mounting brackets. I need to weld the patches in this week and primer the firewall to protect it. I plan to paint it prior to installing the body as painting it afterwards doesn’t work for me. (I have tried this previously.)

Bob-O and I are picking up the engine tomorrow and bringing it home. I am still thinking vintage engine with the early FI heads but I will sort that out when I get it home and installed in the chassis. I know this project seems like it is taking a long time but that’s the way I work. If I could stay focused I could have a running chassis and roller with body mounted by Christmas.

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Sometimes a rear view is best when shooting cars on the street. This little 3 window goes everywhere and is first class. There are more than one of these cars that are very similar. Right Gary!

Steve and I share the same passion for 40 coupes. Here is another well done coupe with a nice stance and steel wheels.

I sort of like the dark blue 40 coupes. The sun is really shining these days. Note the louvers in the hood and black wheels.

A nice looking 41 delivery showed up and I have not seen this one previously. Looks like a flathead powered delivery with a stock radiator. The waterfalls in the front of the hood are hard items to locate and pricey.

I wish had been there to see this one. My style 33 hiboy roadster. I suspect it may be the real deal but I don’t know. I love it.

Here is a matching pair of Deuces that anyone would be proud to own. The in-process top on the roadster looks right on the money style wise.

Several woodies made it up the coast and enjoyed the day in the park. The 38 is a really nice ride as I have seen it at the shows. They all look nice to me and I am sure Curvy would have had a good time. Maybe next year I will make the trip.

Steve fell in love with this 57 Handyman Chevy wagon. I would put one of these in my garage anytime. Could I haul an engine in the back…..Yes sir!

Maybe a 56 Handyman would be more to your liking. Clean and simple makes a nice ride and you have plenty of room for the wife and grandkids.

I show Cliff’s 40 woody and teardrop trailer all the time but I never grow tired of looking at the combo. The car came from the East coast several years ago and he built it over the years. He is a local man who sez… ” It Was A Tree.”

Today’s Roadster at the Donut Shop!

A former AMBR candidate found its way to the Donuts Derelicts morning coffee on Saturday. Built by Wheelers in HB and is one of my favorites.

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