Monday’s Fires

LA is hot, and I mean HOT. Fires are burning everywhere and no end in sight. The Santa Ana winds are the problem and in Simi Valley, where I live, they are blowing 50 mph and greater.  I was very fortunate to have my new convertible in the garage by the time the winds started.  I now have to clean the pool every two hours and sweep the porch.

The good news is the car events this past weekend were great.  On Saturday, I went to an event in Alta Loma to attend a 65th birthday party for Mike Basso, a boat dealer and Hot Rodder. This can only be described as “it must be nice”.  Mike has done very well in the boat business and has the toys to prove it. The party was held at his house, with over 350 invited guest. Yes, he can hold that many people at his house.  Many people drove there street rods and parked on the lawn in front of his garage.  The garage is bigger than my house.  The pictures will tell the story.  I drove Bob’s Deuce Tudor and had a great time.

Up early on Sunday to see what the wind had done to the trees and pool, I noticed heavy smoke in the air and coming from the Ocean side, which meant Malibu is burning again. The wind was excessive, but I headed to Burbank to attend the open house of Hollywood Hot Rods, and The Black Crow Speed Shop. The event turned out to be wonderful for me. I spent lots of time looking at the old parts and the super craftsmanship of Troy Ladd and crew. The metal work and innovative ideas were second to none. First Class all the way.

Have a look.

Stay Tooned!

Lynn or


Bob and Don at the party. Note 65 and the garage in the background.


Bob’s super Deuce Tudor. I got to drive. WOW!


One of several bars, in case you got thristy.


Center portion of massive garage. The lift was used as a stage for the band.


Lots of people enjoying the party. The food was great.


HHR’s Deuce project. Innovative design, quality craftsmanship and Right hand drive. More photos tomorrow.


Wilson Welding backing plates and Lincoln Drums. Looks great!


Troy’s beautiful Deuce winner. Very innovative.


Model A hi-boy going together. Wheels are huge! HHR has many different kind of these wheels.

Sneak Peak


Flatheads are real popular. This blown example was very healthy sounding.

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