Monday’s Fenderless Model 40 Roadsters

I have long been a Model 40 fan. Model 40 refers to the 1933-4 Ford models that Henry and Hot Rodder’s made so famous over the years. My first experience was with a 34 tudor that I bought when I couldn’t find a Deuce tudor. Once I pulled the body off and got a good look at the chassis, I knew they were for me. Being an engineer, I appreciated the new X member and inner reinforcements that had been added. The extra 6″ of wheelbase was much-needed to prevent the choppy ride. I was hooked.

I had never thought about leaving the fenders off a Model 40 like you do on a Deuce, but since I don’t fit so well in the Deuce, I gave it a try. I liked it! Fast forward to my first year in retirement and I had fallen in love with John Munford’s, Brizio Built 34, I thought I would build a 33 to suit my taste. I ordered up a Wescott body, found an original chassis and started my dream roadster. The result was exactly like I had envisioned but due to some serious back problems and surgery I sold the project. I have since started three 33 hiboy projects and finished none of them.

I wondered into the sedan delivery era of my life and have always wanted to build another roadster. A few years ago I happened upon a set of ASC 34 rails and started another chassis which turned out real nice. The rails are so easy to work with and are very well reproduced. I prefer original rails but they are hard to find. I again abandoned that project and started to work on a Deuce roadster that Walt let me use. The Boyd roadster, built for Larry Murray for the 1986 AMBR show, was the same profile that I had Boyd build for me in the late 1980’s. In fact, Boyd let me use the car in my advertisements for my GMC Truck dealership. I have been working on the car daily and fell in love with the car. Jane and I drive it every chance we have to go somewhere.

Finally, the model 40, is still stuck in my mind and heart as the roadster of my dreams. I’m 77 years old, but the fire still burns in my heart to build another 33 roadster.

What is your Dream Project?

click on photo for a large image

This is the one that started it for me!

My second 33 roadster turned out great thanks to Terry! I enjoyed my retirement project.

I really prefer this look for the roadster. A QC just looks right and I like the Champ model.



Another Wescott beauty with a perfect top.

The Patina look is also popular for the original Barn Finds.

Kirk White has owned this beauty for several years.

Seldom seen is the 37 Ford truck grille on the Model 40.


Wescott with Eastwood chassis is a classic that I like also.

A perfect profile for a fenderless roadster.

Here is a Brizio built roadster with 37 Ford truck grille.

One of the first use the truck grille was Morgan’s beauty.

Great looking early racer with fenders removed.

Strip then down and go racing at the strip or salt.

Looks like fun hiboy to me. Hopped flatty will make it scoot!

This young man is from Reno and drives it to the LARS each year. This belongs in my garage.

If you want to flaunt it then cut the hood.

Yellow looks good on the Model 40 and do the 5-spokes.

Wescott makes the best body in my mind. This one has the look I like.

A contender a few years ago was this 33 roadster with a track nose and Duvall windshield.

Keith Tardell built this original body hiboy with a Ford engine.

Chris now has fenders but I always liked it without fenders. the top is just right on this Hot Rod.

Jim’s is a true classic and is done with the correct parts.

Wescott can make you a body that will last and last and never rust.

GMT had a hand in this build. Definitely a winner!

Thirty-seven grills have been showing up lately on Model 40’s.

This is the real deal and a local car.



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