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I missed a few days last week as my old back was acting up again. I have a little time today to feature my friend George’s very nice 32 sedan delivery project. George is a huge 32 Ford fan and has several in his collection. The body was converted by Jim Hendricks and the metal work is perfect. I hope to follow this project as it progress’s during the next few months.

Yesterday I noticed there was a 41 sedan delivery in the San Diego area for sale. It looks like a very big project, but complete. I will have someone go look at the car for me. I talked to the fellow and he told me it was a rare 95 model with fender strip chrome, plywood sides in the back and so on. I have never heard of this option, have any of you?

This is the second try on George’s delivery.

Here we go again.

Stay tooned!


George Baur’s Sedan Delivery Project

Bare metal cars are cool !


Very nice sheet metal worked to perfection by Jim Hendricks. Nice dolly to move it around.


Rear door detail showing finished product. Again, fit and finish is perfect. No drip rail yet, but it is ready to install.


Inside wood structure showing complex wood work required for installation.


Outside view of above door structure.


Door jam and hinge side of rear opening. Lots of fitting required to make this happen and look correct.


Door jam on latch side which is critical to aligning the door to the opening.


George couldn’t find a latch so he photographed an original one a made a duplicate. Amazing work.

Dreaming – Sedan delivery rear doors, 1940, 1941.


1940 Ford Sedan Delivery rear door. Note 5 ribs, no access hole and removable latch plate.


1941 Ford Sedan Delivery rear door. Note 4 ribs, access panel hole and concealed latch plate. The access panel was added by Ford to ease the repair of the rear door which was damaged often in these commercial vehicles.

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