Monday’s Deuces

Yes, the football season has started and I am pleased with both the Trojans and the Bruins who are 2/o. I think it should be a better year for the Trojans that anticipated. Beating Stanford was a big boost for their confidence level. We don’t have an NFL team in LA so I will support the 49’s this year. Football season provides lots of garage time for me as I have my TV on the wall while I work. I am not tempted to do other tasks as I don’t want to miss the big play – I think they call that focus. For example, I was able to mock up the rear end yesterday by staying focused on the game while watching the USC /Stanford game.

I don’t know if you have ever tried to set up a cross spring set up using a stock Deuce (curved) spring but due to the angle of the spring and the pinion angle (3 degrees) it can be quite tricky without a jig to hold everything in place. I had measurements from some of my previous builds so I used them for reference. I hope it work when installed in the chassis. Lots of welding on the rear end to install all of the brackets required so I will have to have it straighten at Fred’s next week. He has a fixture and alignment bar which helps keep everything in place.

The long time running Shade of Past run in Pigeon Forge, TN was held over the weekend and my friends sent me some photos. Deuces are real popular in the South as are fiberglass cars built by Alloway and Adams. This was my wife’s favorite venue for a car show. We always went for a few extra days because of the wonderful relaxing time we had while in the town. Many of my friends from the Atlanta area still enjoy a whole week in the great Smoky Mountains. Maybe someday we will be able to attend once again.

Koffee and Kix was a success and featured Trucks this month. Don always has a good turn out but today was the largest number of cars I have seen this year. Lots of trucks including Pepe who was all shined up and looking good. Black is a tough color to keep clean but when it is clean it is hard to beat in my mind. Thanks Don for hosting the event every month.

I am car showed out for a while and need to stay busy at home in the garage until Wavecrest and the Outriders Picnic, two of my wife’s and my favorite.

Stay Tooned!



Three brackets, ladder bar, shock and spring hangers must all be welded on the housing and must be in perfect alignment. No small task while on the bench. I just tack them, install in the chassis and adult as required. I know some folks have a jig to install these but I don’t.


Jason had his welded in a jig and they came out perfect. Note he narrowed the rear end for his Deuce project.


A long time friend of mine from IL had his Dave Lane built 3 window on display in TN. Phil has several nice cars in his stable.


Shades of Past has the Top 25 pick each year and this one was on of them. Looks like an Adams build to me. The doors are 2″ longer than stock for easy entry. I like the painted hub cap treatment.


This line up of Deuces was in front of JHRS and each featured some unique touches they are famous for. I am not sure about the flat paint look, but it is different on a Deuce. Note the LARS stickers on the headlight. People keep them on for years.


Dave has met a fellow roadster lover since moving to TX and sent along some photos of Tom’s roadster. Nice looking Deuce with a flat motor.


I featured Mike’s roadster  (center) a few days ago and George sent along a photo of the day they picked it up for Mike’s dad. Mike has put the car back on the road. His father is on the right.


It is nice to see the transformation from stock to hot rod in these two photos. The regal Vicky is one fine body style.


Jim has indicated that his nice sedan is up for sale for $45K. All steel and ready to go. If you have an interest let me know.


Here is another photo taken with whitewalls and Mercury chrome wheels and caps. The rear Deuce is chopped.


Dave and I met this roadster owner at Koffee and Kix this weekend. He purchased this Lobeck built Gibbon body roadster off Craigslist for under $20K and drove it home. He added the top and wheels and drives it everywhere. Great score and a nice roadster.


Koffee and Kix Truck Month!


Koffee and Kix host, Don, was pointing to the crowded street at his open house on Saturday morning.


Scott brought over his 39 truck with the lowered lid and some nice touches. Flathead powered and low to the ground.


A new Deuce pickup showed up  and was very nicely done with a fresh hot flathead for power. Curved spoked Kelseys added a nice touch.


Pepe fit right in with the truck crowd. The front end is too low.


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