Monday’s Deuce Show

The first Havasu Deuces show is in the books and judging by all the photos I received it was a huge success. The garage tours on Friday and the display on Saturday was Deuce heaven to most Deuce lovers. Both spectators and owners were enjoying seeing all these old Deuces cruising the streets of Havasu. The planners are to be given a big round of applause for organizing and implementing  the show. No small job to hold such an event and I thank them for their efforts as I’m sure everyone else does. Looks like there will be another one in the future. The Deuce continues to be the most popular Hot Rod of all time. I am not sure why they continue to be built but I have to think Brookville bodies have made a lot of people happy who wanted to build a Deuce. The aftermarket is booming for the Deuce parts manufacturer and will continue to do so in the future. It doesn’t matter that the cars are over built compared to other models, the demand is there as is the supply — so the price will continue to be within the reach of those who seek the Iconic Deuce. I think most of us are beyond the stage of it must be a “Henry” built or I don’t want it. The enjoyment comes for the building and driving experience that most of us remember when talking Hot Rods. Thanks for all the excellent photos I received, I appreciate them very much.

“Keeping the Flame Burning One Day at a Time” is my motto and I hope you will continue to support these events.


Stay Tooned!


“First Havasu Deuce Days”



Famous Deuce photo starts off the Deuce Day in Lake Havasu. They look happy don’t they!!


The sky was a little cloudy early on but cleared up later.


I think the count was 175 Deuces in all. You could keep busy all day long looking at the Iconic Deuce. Examples of most models were present.


Val liked this particular Deuce and so do I. She rode over with her husband in his Deuce roadster.


Rich and Val drove over in this beautiful Deuce roadster. Love the color and now has the interior done along with steelies.


The garage tours were loads of fun seeing how other enthusiasts maintain their Hot Rods.


The gracious owners opened their garages for the Deuce guys.


Spotless garages are to die for. A place for everything and everything in place. Impressive!


John had an impressive garage filled with Deuces, signs and Deuce grille shells.


The Deuce is in the front but some really nice other makes were also in this garage.


A clean 3-window looked good in the Beige color.


A old build but still very nice is this tudor tub with skirted front fenders and Duvall windshield.


A pure Hot Rod looking 3-window with a QC peeking out the back.


You can’t beat a chopped tudor for comfort on your long trip to Havasu. The Moon Disc do it for me.


Dave from the Back Road Boys also made the trip to Havasu.


A beautiful Woody is always welcome to a Deuce show.


Two rare Deuces — A B-400 and Victoria were enjoying the show on the green lawn.


Joe’s Deuce sedan with Ryan Reed’s enhanced stance was really looking sweet on the polished concert floor.


Ryan snapped this shot of Joe’s sedan on the lawn. The front running board/fender height shows the lowness of the sedan.


A very classy Duvall windshield equipped Deuce has the Ohio Look.


Heading home Ryan stopped for this historic shot! Route 66 made famous by the TV show than ran from 1960-64 which was when I was in college. We watched that show in the basement for the entire duration. Starring Martin Milner and George Maharis who were two drifters driving across America.


Walt had his Boyd all aluminum built Deuce on display to bring back memories of Boyd and his red cars.


In closing, this is how the Iconic Deuce got started and I am happy it lasted all of these years. A young car guy listening to some good advice from the “Suit!”

“Long Live the Deuce!”


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