Monday’s Deuce Sedans

The Deuce tudor sedan has always been one of my favorite models. I like them in about any style, including chopped hiboys. The favorite style in the 70 & 80’s was the resto-rod look with the big headlights, cowl lights and a luggage rack. I have owned only two sedans in my past and I loved both of them even though they were never finished. They were always the least expensive of the Deuces but that has changed as the age of the drivers seems to attract more people who need the extra room and seating arrangements. The one drawback is the lack of a trunk to carry the wife’s luggage and the tools. The luggage rack helps but shouldn’t be left out of sight for extended periods of time. My buddy Dave, is building a nice sedan with the flathead and stock driveline so I will at least get to ride in one soon. Finding a good body seems to be difficult today but they do show up locally ever so often.

The hiboy sedan needs lots of rake to offset the rear bustle which is perpendicular to the chassis. The gas tank sort of just hangs out in the open space. Henry Richards of Steadfast, set the Deuce sedan craze on fire with his beautiful sedan with lots of tricks not seen previously. He moved the gas tank inboard 2″ and matched the spreader bar to the gas tank. His car was a feature in TRJ after being driven hundreds of miles and that is what makes it a favorite of mine.

Whatever you preference in sedans — be it a two door, four door or B-400 they all make a great Hot Rod that will always be popular with Deuce lovers. Can Brookville be looking at the market and making plans for a reproduction Deuce sedan — I hope so.

Stay Tooned!



Sheldon’s old sedan is up for sale on the HAMB.


I always liked this car even the Jag rear end.

32 sun 031

Stock height and full fendered with a nice stance makes a super driver for the family.


Ryan put his touch on this one and gave it the “stance he is known for.”


This beauty is from mid-state and always looks like a fun car to drive.

IMG_3325 (2)

Duane sent these photos of the just finished tudor. Very nice!

IMG_3330 (2)

The oxblood interior looks good against the Black exterior.


Chopped sedans with fenders also look more Hot Rod than stock height.

078 (2)

Here is a different approach using whitewall tires to draw your attention.


Sometimes you need an artist to provide you with what you want in a Deuce sedan.


You see the tank hanging out but by moving it in it blends better with the overall design of the chop.


The proportions of Henry’s sedan are perfect in my mind. He definitely set the bar real high for hiboy sedans.


I also love this hiboy sedan which was homebuilt and very well received at Deuce Days.


I can’t wait to see this one finished.


Several sedans are under construction as shown above. Stance and chop look good.


I love the bare metal projects. We need to roll them outside and have a good look at the profile.


Perfect metal work is shown on this project. Note filled top and louvered hood.


It seems some people like the bare metal look in their sedans.

Big Bend 2014 015-X2

A mild 2″ chop and some patina sheet metal and you are ready for the road.


Yes, I even like the 4-door chopped.


Scott has one the nicest hiboy sedans in our area. He has redone the car to make it a winner. He even added a QC to make me happy.


Pete and Rick built a winner that still smokes the tires. They liked it so much that built a clone.


Roy built this beauty for a customer and it had the early look I love.

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