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I have owned many deuces over the years and enjoyed each one. The various body styles offer different options with the roadster being the most popular. Brookville made it easy to build your dream with their reproduction bodies. Rumors were that they may build a sedan but they have no current plans to do that. The sedan really offers a nice alternative to the roadster and coupe with its good looks and passenger caring capacity. Deuce sedans have always been a favorite of mine and I have owned a stock bodied one and a chopped one, both full fendered. I liked both of them and they served our family well. In my early days they were very affordable and available as everyone wanted a coupe or roadster. Today the sedan bodies bring good money as they are in demand. Even the four-door model can be had for a decent price. The sedan provides a roomy cockpit and carries four people comfortable. I prefer the dropped axle version but Roy builds lots of them with the IFS to improve the ride. My friend jus purchase a four-door for $7,000 that was complete and rust free. A Tudor usually runs in the $20-25,000 range for a builder and a finished car can bring $35-45,000 for a nice one.

Today, I offer you some sedans that I like in case you might want to tackle one for your next project.

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The concept drawing for a Deuce sedan hiboy got my going a few years ago of wanting one. Simple daily driver, no frills just pure Hot Rod!

When Steadfast built this one sedans became hot again. He sat the bar real high for hiboy sedans.


He achieved a stance that proved a hiboy could look good even with the straight up back. Nothing fancy but pure class and detail.

Many examples followed like this one with a more modern touch.

I love’m done in black and 5-spokes.

Built in California my friend drove this beauty for a few years. Buggy springs can be made to ride decent.

This is the late Bob Bauder sedan that made the cover of SRM a few years back.

Another famous hiboy sedan is the Eastwood/Barakat doing what it likes to do the most.

Early chopped hoboes ran and the track and started the no fender trend.

This homebuilt sedan was featured and followed on the HAMB by thousands.

Gary had this sedan and sold it. The owner had some meticulous body work on the mint body. I don’t know what it looks like finished but the body is perfectly metal finished by the Metal Surgeon.


Joe Reynolds has a very nice sedan that has been given the treatment by Ryan.


Boyd built this smoothie for Don Smith and it now resides in Northern California.

In process sedans are always fun to look at before all the paint and upholstery are added.

If you prefer fenders then this one is for you. The money part comes now, paint jail and upholstery.

Scott has his sedan really looking good in suede and a Halibrand out back.

Add whitewall tires and steelies and you have a whole new look that is popular with some people.

Here is another example in Red with wires. Seventies style.

A couple of years ago the 4-doors became popular and have slowed down now.


JHRS built Poteet’s sedan that has raised the bar really high for highboy sedans. They know Deuces.

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