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I thought I would give you a brief history of how I got interested in sedan deliveries. It all started while I was in the Army at the West Point Military Academy in New York. I saw this 1934 Ford parked in the hospital parking lot and became interested in the car. The car was so original and in outstanding condition with no rust. Being in New York its whole life, I wondered how that could be. I located the owner, who was the cook in the kitchen. I learned that his father had purchased it new, kept it in a garage and never drove it in the winter months. The car had about 18,000 miles on the speedometer when I purchased it. I sold after a few years as 32’s were my love. I would not get back into delivery’s until 1988 when I purchased the old Beatty 1941 delivery which I drove for a few years and sold it for another 32 sedan.

The next delivery came from a close friend and it was a 1940 delivery which ended up with Vic Edelbrock. I again bought another 32 roadster project which turned into a 34 roadster project. Finally, I started looking for another delivery and after not being able to purchase Tim Holt’s beautiful 46, found a 46 and purchased the project. This one actually was a driver and I left it alone for a year or so while I concentrated on my work. I sold that one and purchased a 1941 that I had sold to my neighbor. Pepe has been with me for the last five years and I have no plans to sell this one as I known the history for many years.

Delivery’s are not for everyone as they are hard to see out of when changing lanes. I have always been able to drive without problems but backing up sometimes requires the wife to get out and guide me. I love deliveries and drive the wheels off Pepe. If love the extra room in your Hot Rod you will love a delivery.


Stay Tooned!

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I was happy to have this cherry 34 delivery in my garage. The year was 1968.

My first sedan delivery was this 1934 Ford I purchased while I was at West Point Military Academy. This is how it looks today.

I drove this CSR delivery for a while and love it with the Boyd chassis and Paul Beck conversion.

My next delivery was this 1941 with lots of history. I drove this one for a couple of years before selling the car to Boyd.

Steve is wiping the delivery down after picking it up at CSR. I purchased it from him a year later just as you see it. Rust free and complete.


I sold the car to Vic who had Brizio finish the car.

The 46 from Ralph’s Flowers was a big project but I had a lot of fun in retirement build the car.

I patterned my delivery after Tim’s who I tried to purchase.

This is Sunshine after all the previous owners have added their touch. Debbie Becker owns the car now.

This is Pepe when I first sold it to my neighbor who spent a fortune changing it to his taste.

This is the current state of Pepe. Soon to be changed to steel wheels and no flames as shown above.

For Sale Cars Added to

1932 Ford Roadster, Archer body, new interior and Bop Top

Price $45,000

1937 Ford Woodie

Hercules Body

Price $79,000

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