Monday’s Delivery

The “Open” kept me glued to the TV while I was working in the garage. I sure don’t know how they can hit the ball out of those deep traps. Tiger didn’t have such good luck in a couple of them. Work is progressing on the chassis but it sure is taking me a long time. I am sure someday I will be done but I wish that day would come.

I am blessed with another set of Deuce photos from Gary at Cornhuskers in Nebraska. Gary is a well known builder with a penchant for Deuces. He has just completed a super Folkstone Gray sedan delivery that really captures the look I like in deliveries. I still love the 40 deliveries but I share the love of the rare Deuce delivery. The sedan delivery is made possible by a correct conversion by Doug McRae in Kansas. My friend George has the same kit installed in his delivery and they really are nice looking. Gary’s rear door was installed by Kemps Rod & Custom in Hancock, Michigan and George’s was installed by Jim Hendricks in Santa Rosa. I hope to see both of them in P-town next month at GG’s. Thanks Gary for the photos and thanks to Doug for the fantastic conversion pieces from your shop.

I will be out cruising this week again and look forward to posting some great photos of some of our California hot rods.

Stay Tooned!


Boy, this one really has the look. Understated excellence with the Folkstone Gray paint and black wheels. I love the stock Sparton horn mounting where it should be mounted.

Gary even duplicated the rear bumper which looks odd but really makes entry into the rear cargo area easy. The 36 SD had a bumper like this also. How about that perfect stance! I know another Gary who would love this delivery to go with his 40 CMG delivery.

The perfect choice for a delivery interior is the plain covered panels with black accents. Doug’s kit includes all of the parts you need to do the conversion like Henry did.

Here is the kit from Doug. The quality is first class and makes a SD as close to the original as possible. R&C had a full feature on the installation for the flower car.

Stock looking with a 40 wheel, wood grained dash and garnish moldings, and stock rebuilt seating.

The Speedway True Rams look right at home with the Corvette valve covers. It looks like we have a heater installed but no air. We don’t need no stinking air in a hot rod delivery.

The San Luis Roadsters, the So-Cal Roadsters and the Bay Area roadsters got together for some good food, good times and lots of BS. Looks like fun.

Roadsters filled the hotel parking lot and the fun started. Phil’s flamed hardtop beauty is on the right.

Three similar roadsters paint schemes on different bodies. A 33, 29 and 32 all were enjoying the roadster weather in SLO.

The large grassy area provided a nice venue for the casual event for roadsters only. Thanks Phil for the photos and the corrections.

Here is a nice 36 roadster with some baby Appleton’s and whitewall tires.

Chopped Mercury’s are showing up everywhere and I am glad to see them in this form. The Barris crest is a nice touch and in the correct place.

Today’s Favorite!

In my smoothy days (80’s) this was one of my favorites. I preferred it prior to the flames but I still love the looks of a model 40 roadster in any style. This one was of the Babb bodies from Lancaster with a TCI chassis and Duvall windshield.

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