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As I have discussed several times over the years, I am a fan of sedan deliveries for some reason. Maybe it was because I worked for the truck division of GM and spent most of my career selling them to customers all over the world. The delivery is not for everyone, as they are difficult to see out of, especially when passing or backing out of a parking spot. I never had a problem with that part and really like that you have all the room in the cargo area for traveling down the highway. They are somewhat rare vehicles and finding one in good shape is difficult due to their commercial use. Pepe has been in service as a flower truck and Hot Rod for many years and is still in excellent shape with the original rear floor and floor pans. I have owned four sedan delivery’s over the years and seem to prefer them over a sedan.

I used to have high hopes of using a delivery for a tow vehicle for my Deuce 5-window drag car, but work soon ended that dream along with a couple of children to occupy my weekends. Sleeping at the track in the back of the delivery is what we did in the early days of racing. All of your money went into the race car not the motel. Over the years, I have always taken time to look at every delivery I see just as I do 33/4 roadsters. When your hooked, you are hooked with no possible way of removing the hook. You know the feeling!

Labor Day is the end of summer for most of us and we start to think about a nice winter project. Maybe a sedan delivery may be just what the doctor ordered. I have one so I am thinking about a roadster!

Stay Tooned!


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Hard to beat an all black 29 delivery with 5-spokes.


The Resto-Rod look was also a popular Hot Rod for many rodder’s in the early 70’s.


Roy Jr. built a winner with his 29 hiboy delivery.

Scan 15

I have always been a fan of the sedan delivery and when I worked with Chuck at CSR he had this one in his corral. A high end chassis from Boyd with a NASCAR V6 made it unusual but popular at the time. The smooth look was in during the 80’s so everything was removed from the exterior.


Barry was one of the first to have Paul Beck do the rear door conversion in a sedan which is how Henry made them. I am not sure where this delivery is today, but it was in the LA area a few years ago.


Jim built a Lobeck clone in this beauty.

34 DlvryTxBurgwir52.5K 3-12

Jim had this stunning example in his corral for a period of time and I loved it. Mine was named Nellie!

34 DlvryTxburgwir 2-12

The rear door was a skin over a wood frame just like the Deuce delivery.


The tops were not filled as shown in this example but were cloth inserts over wooden bows. Note the early Centerlines from the 80’s.


Nellie is still going strong and has been upgraded by Jerry. Note cloth insert which is stock.


The 36 is also good delivery to build. I like the stock look on the 36. Note rear bumper.


Dave West had the nicest 36 I had seen a few years ago. He downsized his collection but should have kept this one. The Cordoba Tan with Orange wheels is perfect for a delivery.


When the heavy parts come in you need lots of beer and friends with good backs. I was always the spotter!


I like the 37 delivery a great deal and they sit nice with the proper dropped front axle or MII.


A stocker is also a nice way to put one back on the road.


A rare 1939 standard model looks good with subtle touches.


A 1939 waiting to be restored or Hot Rodded.


Some folks like to bag their deliveries and they look like this at the fairgrounds. Different!


Your basic classic sedan delivery with steelies, caps and rings. A sure winner in my book.


Here is a shot of the stock seating in the 1940 delivery.Door panels are not correct but look good.


Here is another example with a sedan seat installed with car door panels. The doors are the same as a 4-door. I like the woodgraining but is not stock.


Here is a stock 1941 delivery rear compartment. Note access door in rear which was added in 1941.


Bucket seats were standard and the passenger folded forward for access to rear cargo area.

1946 Ford Sedan Delivery-1

George drove this one for several years. He had Masterpiece add the sedan doors to provide the extra room.


Fred added the sedan doors to his also. He still drives it after Lou had a few accidents over the years.

sedan delivery fav002

Tim had my favorite delivery in the 46-48 class. Super straight and black with 5-spokes.


I couldn’t buy Tim’s so I purchased this Ralph’s Flower truck from Pasadena and built it.


Jim Smith had it a few years ago and it looks great to me. A real solid body and NOS fenders from Don Thelan made it a keeper.

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