Monday’s Cyber Shopping

I hope all of you had a Happy Thanksgiving and are ready for the Chrismas holidays. Black Friday was a record setting day and I am sure Cyber Monday will be another big shopping day on the net. I have been involved in several sales myself lately and that is a good sign. People are putting their hard earned money back in the economy. I have a few vehicles featured today that came across my desk that would make good Christmas presents.

I am blessed with my traditional holiday cold so I will be sticking close to home for a few days. I hope to just relax and put up the Christmas decorations on both the house and Curvy. She will be in the Malibu Christmas parade again this year and I want her to look nice. The season doesn’t last long so I want to take advantage of the time I have.

Keep sending in those photos of your rides or events as I don’t have much material this time of you. I really enjoy hearing from you.

Stay Tooned!


Chip is thinking about adding a small flathead to his 37 Phaeton and thought this might do the trick for some added horsepower.

Some guys just have too many 4o coupes. This is just a portion of the cars he has stashed away. I wonder if he could use the motor above for some shine running?

Tom purchased the 39 coupe on Pewsplace and sent along a photo of his very nice 5 window coupe. This is the way to build a nice hot rod for the rest-rod look.

The side profile shows the slight rake required for the I have been modified look. Nice job Tom!

Phil sent along some photos from Roy Brizio’s shop. I have watched this 5 window for a couple of years and it is almost completed.

Roy’s shop is always full of beautiful Deuces in all forms. If you want the best this is the place to go.


I am sure Sid did the interior with rare bucket seats and a roll bar.

Roy always has a Deuce roadster under construction in his shop. This red one has all of his signature parts. I love this photo of the 5 window and roadster. This would be my Cyber Monday.

Mariani has a 34 delivery going together at Roys. I can’t wait to see the finished product. The chassis has a torsion bar suspension from Moals. Since my first hot rod was a 34 sedan delivery and my second was a 5 widow coupe I might select this pair o line today.

My third hot rod was a 3 window and Roy had this one in his shop for some tune up during the Winter months. Remember “Red” cars from the 80’s. Magoo and Boyd made the color famous and of course, Dana Red was the ultimate red.

Roy had one of the new Pacific Industries 5 windows in the shop for a Brizio build. I have not seen the finished product but it looks good in the photos.

The rear looks to be right on the money and would save a lot of money on body repair on what is available today. I would need 2 1/2 inch out of the top to be perfect.


Today’s True Hot Rod Woody!

Curvy is all polished up for the Malibu Cruise.





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