Monday’s Chosen One

I hope all of you enjoyed Super Bowl 48. It wasn’t a great game from my standpoint but it was the “Big Game” and congratulations to Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks. My wife had lots of food so I will start my diet again today. We had our morning huddle at the “Office” this morning and came to the conclusion that if you could only have one car it should be a 40 Ford. The reasoning was simple 4 of us own 40 Fords. Seriously, the 40 Ford offers the most bang for the buck without breaking the piggy bank. Even if you have to build one, the car just seems to bring satisfaction even to Deuce owners. I think the way they handle going down the road and the thumbs up you receive make you feel the car is a keeper. You may want a coupe, sedan, convertible, woody, truck or in my case a rare sedan delivery. Parts are readily available as are the cars themselves. Surf through any of the internet sites and you are sure to find one to suit your budget. You can even purchase all the parts for your chassis build for a nominal investment from several sources. I prefer the P&J parts, but that is just me. CE has complete kits also and they have been proven over many years of success in the aftermarket parts business. Ford built thousands of cars during the 1940 model year and you should try one if you haven’t already.

Having said that, Deuces will always be the “Iconic” hot rod and be the focus of many builders. I have been in love with the Deuce since I was 15 years old reading Rod and Custom hidden in my Algebra book at school. I can’t recall anyone in my high school who drove a Deuce to school (1957-59) but I knew several older kids who had them under construction. They were expensive back then and being in the Midwest were usually very rusted. I always thought I would design a logo for my business that featured a Deuce grille shell with a 40 headlight bezel in the middle. I still may have Dave do that and see what it looks like. At 73, the flame still burns as hot as ever for these two years of Ford’s best hot rod material.

We all need to go back out in the garage this week and stay focused on the project requiring our attention.

Stay Tooned!


Many people thought this beautiful 36 roadster should have been AMBR but it wasn’t in contention.

The car was very subtle but unique in build style. The Ferrari color really was a different approach for the 36.

The elegant interior again was well thought out and executed. The 40 wheel looks good in any hot rod as does the Auburn style dash.

A nicely done trunk was unique with the spare wheel and tire showing through the bulkhead.

Allen called and invited me to see his latest shop project (Conejo Upholstery) which belongs to customer. The owner has kept it the way it was in high school.

The car will be full fendered with Pontiac tail lights and stock bumpers.

I do love chassis photos and Gary’s looks like it is ready for a race or two. He changed the rear from a Boyds IRS to a QC to handle the motor.

Most people stopped to look at this 33 roadster and wondered how he found it. It would be nice to see a story board on these cars.

I found this Deuce roadster interior to be very nicely done and well thought out.

The Jitney chassis in Walden’s booth had these clever hairpins with tie rod ends attached.

The beefy chassis had this transmission I did not recognize but it was very compact and fit nicely in the chassis.

After 14 years Bob finally has his tudor painted. He is eager to drive this one.

The 34 cab on a Deuce chassis looks bette than on a model 40 chassis in this photo.

Ryan finished up this tasty 3 window for a customer and I think you will like the stance with a mid chop.

Roy solved the steering tie rod problem by adding an opening in the front portion of the bone. Note he has straightened the CE steering arm to be parallel to the ground.

Pewsplace Projects!

George donated the Deuce rear crossmember to the Mr. Bill project and it cleaned up real nice. I also found a stock spring which means I will not have to modify the center for a 40 spring.

Front crossmember needs some more welding and it will be ready to be installed for fitting.

I will make some of these rear spring hangers for the 9 inch rear end. These are not P&J but home brewed by a clever craftsman.

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