Monday’s Black Outlook

Yes, the holiday season is in full bloom with “Black” being the word for the month. I am sure there are some deals out there, but to stand in line for anything other than old Ford parts is not for me. We all stand in line to go to auto shows, swap meets and a host of other events throughout the year but the Christmas holidays are by far the worst in my experiences. I have very little shopping to do as the wife does most of the leg work. I go along to read the hot rod books at Barnes and Noble and see the high dollar cars in the parking lot. Retailers expecting a “Black” month causes shoppers to realize a “Red” January… and the beat goes on. My children do most of their shopping on line and I have seen some packages arriving during the past few days. I also order some car parts on line for my presents and label them from Santa. (I am a believer!) If you don’t receive what you want have Santa bring it and it is O.K. ( I hide the parts until Christmas morning.)

This year a pair of 34 ASC rails are high on my list but they are hard to hide so maybe I can keep them at Bob-O’s house as he understands the sickness. It seems you can find all the Deuce stuff you need on line but the model 40 stuff is scarce. I guess a pair of ASC Deuce rails might not be bad either. Dave found and original Deuce chassis as did Cory in MI. I think that is the best way to start on a traditional hot rod but the real deal chassis requires a lot of work and I have a tendency to cut them up and discard the stuff people hoard today. I do know where one is hiding but I am not talking.

Remember, Santa drives an open wheeled roadster during his busy season so why shouldn’t you.

Have a good week shopping!

Stay Tooned!


I used the Buick drums and backing plates on the 9″ housing ends under my roadster. Lots of work and expense but I like the look.

I also redrilled the bolt pattern to 5 1/2″ for the early Ford wheels. Use 16 inch wheels and the fins won’t hit the wheel.

The new JHRS Kinmonts are showing up as an option to the SO-CAL Buick versions. Both are covers over disc brakes.

I use this style of jig for my chassis work and as long as you go slow they work just fine. These are ASC rails for a 34. The X-member is from CE (shown on the floor).

Here is a much nicer jig that guarantees you a straight chassis when completed. Note the welding required for the step-box method. Nothing is ground away with this method and the chassis retains somewhat of an original flavor… if that matters to you.

Here are the X-member pieces for the 34 chassis above. I wonder how they bend the front section without distortion. I want to make a set of these.

I am going to make my own hairpins and though this jig was perfect example of how to make ’em right.

I always liked the “Mexican Blackbird” roadster that Kirk White owned for a while. Billy Gibbons signed the dash.

Seldom seen these days, the 29 on Deuce rails makes a really nice looking roadster.

If you have the Rolling Bones add some seasoning you end up with this look. Driver fatigue is a big problem in the snow.

Terry from Stoker’s just picked up this nice Deuce 4-door. If you want one give him a call at Stoker’s Hot Rod Parts.

Here is the Kennedy Boys 4-door. That is genuine Henry patina paint.

Lowrey’s just completed this tasty 3 window for a customer and it hasn’t had time to settle down in the front. I love the Maroon he uses.

Santa’s Helpers!

My wife thought this one would be good to deliver the small jewelry items she wants. Not too big of box but lots of $$$$!

The Malibu Christmas parade is this Sunday and Santa could use this one to deliver the ASC rails.

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