Monday’s August Outlook

It doesn’t seem possible but August starts this week. I don’t know where the summer went but time is flying. August brings the big show in Monterey, CA where Pebble Beach and the streets of Carmel fill with exotic cars and lots of people. Auctioneers will looking for the deep pocket buyers for some of the best cars on the West coast. I have been going there for many years, as GM was a sponsor. My son and I were regulars long before they allowed significant Hot Rods to be placed on the prestigious golf course lawn. The town is a busy place and rooms are sold out a year in advance. Non – expense account visitors find less expensive hotels several miles outside of town and drive to the events. If you haven’t attended this event, I think it should be added to your list of must attend car functions.

The next smaller scale event is the Santa Barbara Woody show at the college overlooking the blue Pacific ocean. Just under a 100 woodies and few hot rods show up for a good time and a very nice grassy venue. You can walk down to the beach and stroll in the sand and enjoy a cool one in the local cantina. Traffic can be heavy on the way home but the day is worth the traffic. I plan to take Pepe or Sunshine depending on the weather. There is something about a convertible with the top down and cruising the coast highway.

Another big August event is the Goodguys Nationals in Pleasanton, CA where you will see over 3,000 cars from all over the US. Lots of high end cars are present competing for the big award Gary gives away. I hang where the Deuces and Forties park and can spend the day in one place. A chair and cooler helps if you don’t drive you hot rod in the gates. August is a great month for some heavy duty car shows up and down the coast. Make sure you car is road worthy and you are ready to enjoy the last of the summer months.

Have a wonderful week planning your next trip.

Stay Tooned!


The valve covers turned out good and now I will clear coat them to add a little shine and protection.

I have several sets to restore and I spent way too much time taking out the dents in these covers. Retirement allows me that luxury. I am headed to J&P for some media blasting on the last set.

One of our young “Office” regulars just purchased this 29 RPU at the LARS and is making it his. Flat paint and polished 5-spokes by Sihilling along with a new front bumper are some of his additions.

A lot of interest in the 5-window coupe since UP has introduced a complete body for your selection. Which is your favorite 3 or 5 window? Both are now available in steel. Gary are you reading this? Only us old guys like sedans. Ha!

Roy builds both styles and it would be hard to find fault with this recent build. The IFS and IRS make it a nice riding short wheelbase coupe.

This showed up on my iPhone and I don’t know who sent it. Look like a winner to me. Green is in.

You know I like in-progress cars… cause that is what I do best. I am pushing the 4 door Deuce as it is a winner in my book. A slight haircut looks good as do the bones. Bob-O has one in his sights.

A young man is building this one on the HAMB and is doing all himself. I would say the fire is burning real good for this builder.

Roy built this one for Ted and it is a real fine ride with a nice flathead engine.  Keep it simple on the 40 and you will have a winner every time. Plain is beautiful and Bling is sorta of pretty.

Roy also did some work on Richard’s 40 wagon. Black sure looks good on these cars. I do prefer the slight rake as opposed to the bagged look on this wonderful year for a woody. I think the red wheels add a little color to the car which I like.

Today’s Fat Girl convertible!

Dave sent along some photos of his nice 1946 Ford convertible. The lower stance is due to dropped spindles. Note the 46 trim and parking light difference from the 47-48 model. I call these “Age Appropriate” Hot Rods. Your wife will ride with you in this one.

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