Monday’s Agenda

The weekend was very good for Pewsplace. Saturday and Sunday were spent in the garage working on the 34 chassis. I stayed focused until the rains came — then stopped for a spell to just stand in the seldom seen rain. We received almost .60 which is not much, but better than nothing, as we have seen over the past year. I made up my mine to start working every day in the garage while my back is still holding out (no heavy work or strain) and see what I could accomplish in the month of August. My goal is to have a rolling chassis by September 1st. I started with the front suspension and will work my way to the rear end which is going to cost me some dinero (Gary). I made front boxing plates and a spreader bar and will now move to boxing the front frame rails. I also finished the uprights so I can pull the rails into shape. The front rails want to bow in at the top and I haven’t figured out how to solve that as of this writing. George suggested I clamp a big bar to the rails and try twisting them back to being perpendicular to the jig rails. I will call on my young friends with good backs to assist me. Everything takes me a lot longer these days as I have to be so careful not to injure myself. I wouldn’t want to miss the Back Road Boys Adventure to Solvang.

I have sent out the agenda so everyone is on the same page. We our looking forward to meeting up with the Central Coast Roadsters and some Solvang folks. We promise to be on time for a change if we don’t get lost on the “Back Roads”! While on the return route, we plan to check out a new place near the lake for a possible future rendezvous. Our motto is ” Take the Roads less traveled and enjoy something new”. August also brings a couple of must attend events for Pewsplace. The first one is the Santa Barbara Woody Club’s outing at the College and the second one is P-Town for the Goodguys Nationals. Both venues are excellent and attract lots of cars and spectators. We continue to “Live the Dream” and drive our Hot Rods as much as we can but the $5 + a gallon gasoline is beginning to take its toll on many travelers. I am thinking about and electric motor for Pepe!

Thought for the Day!

Life’s journey is full of obstacles which we must overcome. Never let the sign that states “No Outlet” stand in your way of reaching for your dreams — Find new roads!

Stay Tooned!



In the Garage


I started with a cardboard pattern and then transferred it to steel.


I had to modify the P&J/TCI front crossmember to allow for the boxing plate to fit in place.


The front spreader bar is my standard for the model 40. I use 1.750 DOM tubing and weld it together after cutting at 30 degrees.


The end result really cleaned up the front frame rails. I may use some dimple dies or just put screen on the back to match my backing plates.


I finished the uprights for the frame jig and I should now be able to fix my problem with the ASC rails.


The Skinner’s are building a B-400 from a tudor sedan and have one good looking classic so far. A long term project that will be well worth waiting for when completed.


Here you can see the body on the chassis and the trunk that has been added along with the aluminum top skin.


Here is a real B-400 that is looking for a new home. Not inexpensive, but available. $$$$


Howard and his wife are “Living the Dream” in the great northwest. Note Mt. St. Helens in the far distance.


They look happy don’t they! Roadster drivers have more fun when the top is down. Remember, when the top goes down — the price goes up!!


Some folks know how to build a different Deuce with a familiar look! I know John in Canada likes this one.

Monday’s Photo


Delphine captured the group leaving for the Goodguys in Des Moines after filling up with some cheap gas compared to LA. I think they like Deuces.



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