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It has been a frustrating day working on the chassis. The rails just won’t bend in the right direction to meet the specifications. I will solve it tomorrow but not today. I am a patient man in my old age but after taking the rails completely out the jig and starting over a couple of times I decided it was time to get some professional help tomorrow. Original frames are much easier to work with but I am determined to make these ASC rails right on the money. I did manage to straighten the rail dips and dives with a hammer and dolly. They look real nice. I know the original chassis’s I have had in the past were never this straight or pit free so I am thankful for that. More on this project later.

August is an important month in my life. Fifty years ago I had several life events that started me on my journey to manhood. I graduated from college, had a dream offer from GM and was getting married to my wife — Now, that is lot to happen in one month. I am happy to say that all of those events paid off and the milestones reached in each one those events are a true indication that staying the course pays off at the end. I look forward to a few more years and reaching some more milestones on this long journey we are allotted here.

Our “Adventure to Solvang” will have a lot Hot Rods and some exciting venues to visit along the way. Traveling with a large group can be cumbersome if you let it be, but with our “Back Road Boys” we can handle all problems. If you don’t have some challenges, then the trip would be boring and we don’t want that to talk about at Monday morning coffee.

Speaking of coffee, Don’s event was a huge success with lots of cars and good food. This event is growing larger as the word gets out about what a nice gathering of Valley Hot Rods show up the first Saturday of each month. Thank you Don.

Thought for the day — Dreams don’t come true unless you Dream them first!

Stay Tooned!



The front rails don’t want to pull into a vertical 90 degrees. They bow in toward the middle.


The widow of the late Mike Fennel drove her Mercury over to Don’s on Saturday. This is a beautiful custom Mercury with exquisite paint and interior.


You can see the quality of the paint in this photo. A perfect chop job was performed by Mike and his crew.


I have an affection for 1956 Ford pickups. This one was very nice and sat perfect.


The interior looked comfy and was well thought out.


I have to admit that these Fat Girls are really one of my favorite rides to go on long cruises with the top up or down depending on the wife’s hair.


This one is very clean and will please the “Queen” when you arrive at your destination. There are two nice ones for sale on this site.


My friend Tom has owned more Hot Rods than most but decided he wanted one with fenders so he sold this beauty.


Pepe and Greg;s Corvette were at Don’s and looked good parked together.


Gary’s famous Deuce hiboy was parked next to my favorite spot at the show. Old men need restrooms close by if you know what I mean. I first saw this roadster in Memphis and fell in love. This may be the clone he built.


Here is the real one that Don Ward drove for a long time.


When looking through some of our fellow enthusiasts garages, we often find some rare Deuces like this sedan delivery.


Moving across 48th street makes sense when you can have a ride that looks like this. Has the Alloway look to me.

Roger Bell 001

Rodger and Joe’s beautiful pair of black classics. What more could you want? (TW photos)

Roger Bell 004

Two unique rear bustles on the 32 and 34 Fords. (TW photos)

Today’s Photo!


Nova Scotia is a beautiful place to shoot a beautiful photo of a Woody. Thanks for the photo Bill.

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