We were blessed with the good old Santa Ana winds this weekend. They brought heat and lots of trouble for the pool owner’s in Southern California. I spent most of Saturday cleaning the pool every couple of hours. The pool man said to keep all the filters clean as well as the leaves out of the pool…no small task. I knew I wanted to go to the Throttlers show on Sunday so I worked all day keeping the pool clean. I also had to keep the dust off of Pepe, which on a black car is almost impossible. Sunday morning came and all was calm as the wife and I headed to JCP in Burbank. We arrived and parked on the grassy side of the park. Not many cars were in attendance early, but that soon changed and the place was full of cars and spectators. As I mentioned in the past, this show is known for traditional cars and therefore I really spend some time looking at the vehicles.

As usual at car shows of this type, there were not a lot of new builds but there were lots of old ones which are the kind I love. I got separated from the wife and she headed back to Pepe to read her Sunday paper. She knows I spend a lot of time looking and talking to owners of these special cars. One car that drew a lot of attention was the latest from the Rolling Bones shop. The owner flew to NY and drove the car back across the country along with the RB crew. He said it didn’t rain and he loved the way the car handles. Dave and I spent a long time looking at the details incorporated into the design and while all very traditional in approach, the quality of work was first class even by today’s standards. I was very excited for him and he seemed to be enjoying all the attention the car was receiving and telling of his adventure. Isn’t that what it is all about? I know Dennis enjoyed his RB sedan build and drive a few years ago and to some extent his adventures have entered the minds of many hot rodder’s who can afford the ride. I envy all of them.

The weather warmed up by noon and I knew the pool cleaning awaited me when I arrived home. We made one last pass and then headed home. Jane and I were thankful for another wonderful day of “Living the Dream” in Southern California. Pepe ran perfect and had lots of admirers at the show.

Have a good week dreaming about your next ride.

Stay Tooned!


Pepe was parked on the grass under the trees so Jane could relax and read her Sunday paper. The dent in the front chin didn’t show in the tall grass.

Bruce drove Lobeck’s roadster and parked next to another history car from decades earlier. This is my kind of car show.

Bruce drives his cars and they are always spotless. Barry would be proud of the owner’s dedication to his old roadster.

Model-A’s and flatheads are real popular at the Throttlers show. This cutie was very detailed and well built. All stages of cars are welcome which is an attraction to me.

Dave pulled his fenders to do some updating to the primer and decided to drive it as a hiboy for today’s show. Looks good to me.

This work in progress roadster had a dash I didn’t recognize. The gauges were dual gages and looked period correct. The popular 40 column with column drop is in high demand at the show.

A late arrival was this cherry 3 window with a Ford motor. Sheet metal to die for along with a black plate indicates this is a keeper for the owner. These are the kind you like to find on Craigslist.

Sam always attends in his Deuce coupe with all the right stuff for this show. Scott chopped the top just right for perfect proportions.

Pete had his patina sedan parked in front of me so I wondered over and took a photo. He had done a ton of work on this car making it a nice ride.

Show Favorite!

The heavy chop and race car Salt Flat features make this RB coupe a standout. Lots of one-off items and clever engineering are obvious. A belly pan is a real treat and seldom seen today.

Typical of the RB style the hemi is mounted without a great deal of fanfare. The electric fan is the only late concession to the build style.

Dave and I noticed the work on the dash. The raised portion is blended across the dash where the oval used to be. The interior is very stark and ready for racing.

This photo shows the pan and Q/C along with the radial tires which helped the ride on his long journey back to LA. The wheel disc’s are plain aluminum sheet. I am sure there will be a full feature on this one in the future. I thank the owner for taking time to talk to Dave and I about this wonderful hot rod.

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