Monday’s Weekend

I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter weekend. We had rainy weather and cool temperatures which made hunting for Easter eggs difficult. My grandson found his in the comforts of his home so all went well in his mind. I spent Saturday working on my 525 steering box for Andre. It seems that somewhere along the line the side plate was tightened too tight which caused the plate (aluminum) to crack completely through the casting. I removed the plate and will try to locate a new one this week. I have used several of the 525 boxes over the years and never had one break previously. I searched the internet and found a complete rebuild procedure which allowed me to remove the damaged plate.

The weather continued to be dismal on Sunday so I made up some templates for new tail pipes for Pepe. I enjoy cutting the u-bends and making the system look neat but it is very time consuming. I don’t have a bender so this is the only thin I can do. I should have them done this week. The local muffler shop wanted $900 for two tailpipes so I thought I would make them and save some money.

I spent some time reading the new Rodders Journal with two Deuce sedans on the cover (front and back). I have followed the green sedan that Henry built and feel he has a very bright future ahead of him if continues with his business, Steadfast Mfg. He has some unique ideas and seems to know his way around metal shaping and design. I have included some of his work in today’s photos. I am very happy to see the younger generation building Hot Rods and using skills that will provide them a good living for the future. Yes, the fire is still burning in some of the younger generation for something besides Rice Rockets. Thanks to Steve for doing the feature on both of the sedans.

Stay Tooned!


The side plate was tightened down without the lash screw being adjusted properly. I don’t believe this is a serviceable part at NAPA.

I found the schematic and think I could rebuild the box but it may be cheaper to buy a new one.

The box looks good and feels tight so I hope I can locate a new side plate.

The 525 provides a nice straight hook up to the stock 40 column. The stock shifter arms simply hooks to the auto transmission with ease.

Roy has a new Deuce panel going together at his shop. I always wanted one of these to go to the swap meets but could never locate one. Bob B has a nice finished one that he drives occasionally. I will see if I can find a photo this week.

Duane has been busy this winter painting and assembling his 3 window coupe. Note the nice fixtures for the hood. He does all of his own work. The paint booth is awesome.

Now comes the fun part of the building process. You have everything ready to be put back together and hope it all fits as good as it did when you took it apart.

The car will be a knockout when completed and I will provide some more photos as he progresses with the assembly. Nice work!

Steadfast has some really neat “Art Deco” looking motor mounts on their chassis.

The chassis work at Steadfast is also very unique in style and substance.

Here is a full photo of the chassis Henry is building for a customer. The shop does some really nice work in Mansfield, OH.

See the Rodders Journal for a complete feature of this very unique sedan. The profile is everything on this killer hot rod.

 Today’s Deuce!

One of my favorite Deuces is the winter leaf brown 5 window. I had one in the late 70’s in Atlanta that our family drove everywhere with the kids in the rumble seat. This beauty is for sale on the Fordbarn by Steve, who is one of my viewers. I would look good in this one at the V8 Nationals in Lake Tahoe.

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