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When your are busy the day seems to fly by. I am working on Andre’s brake lines and other related chassis parts and have focused on getting something done this week. Surprisingly, things just seem to fall in place and even the welder worked great. I didn’t stop for lunch and it is now 6:30 pm. I finally am writing my blog. The weekend was also productive and I worked on the body for a change. I am able to push it outside in the back of the garage and do some more cleaning of the interior roof corrosion. Deliveries are famous for a rusty roof. Mine is not too bad and can be saved with some work and K36 high build primer. I will then insulate the roof with Dynamat.

Tomorrow, we are headed on a roadster trip to Santa Barbara for a $50 hamburger lunch and some nice scenery. I hope the weather holds up and stays cool along the coast.

Stay Tooned!


Tim’s old 40 convert is up for sale. I believe this is the only convert he has built and it is one of my favorites. The owner has also put his CMG coupe up for sale at the same time.

Frank has his new 39 all detailed and ready for some good times. I hope the rock doesn’t roll any further down the hill. Do you like 40 converts or 39’s? I like both of them.

Recycle Jeff started with a bare top 40 Woody cowl. I was informed that the Woody cowl is different from a convertible cowl. I did not know that but if you look at this one you will see that the top header has a place for the header. I don’t have that much time to start with this piece.

I have known about this 40 Woody for over 30 years. Max has owned the Woody since high school and is going to get it going “one of these days”. He is very young in this photo at Big Bear.

I have been in contact with “Sunshine”s new owner and he sent along some updated photos for my files. I had a wonderful time in this delivery when I first retired. I miss her but I glad she has found a good home. This was the first car I installed a Heidts front suspension on but I did drive it for several years with a dropped axle.

Jim replaced the stock convertible seat with these beautiful bucket seats and center console. They sure look comfy to me. Today, we need the cup holders and center console for our GPS and iPod.

Curvy has some very comfortable seats installed for the long haul drivers and passengers. Note that a tudor requires the passenger seat to fold and slide forward which these Mazda seats do. You simply push the upper slide forward and the seat folds and slides to the front to allow access to the rear bucket seats. Neat!

Here is the slide in the forward position allowing easy access to the rear seating area.

Curvy also has a center console which houses the AccuAir controls for the air ride and also allows the much needed storage due to the lack of a glove box. The beautiful interior was done by Ron Mangus.

Jim also has a very original looking 40 standard with a modern drivetrain and suspension.

Today’s 40 engine compartment!

I love the stock OEM look of this 40. My good friend, Chip, has the best detailing ability of duplicating the SBC as GM did in the 50’s and 60’s. Andre’s will be 327/350 engine like was in my first new 65 Corvette. Thanks Chip.

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  1. Lynn,

    I saw the ’40 Coupe and Convertible for sale on the “potato” website a couple of weeks ago. You wrote that Tim built the Convert, but I was under the impression that both of those cars were originally built by your friend, Bob C. Am I mistaken?

    And, thanks to your innocent introduction to Bob’s ’40 building skills, I have recently purchased the DeLuxe Coupe from him which you featured a year or so ago which was then still in its original paint. It now has a fresh coat of CMG and he’s just finishing up the AC. I really like his build style and what a peach of a guy to boot. I’m a bit like a kid on December 15th.


  2. Lynn,

    Is Max’s woodie the one that you have talked about before that has lived outside at the beach for so many years? I would also have to include Orv at the top of the heap in his GM detailing ability.



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