Monday Morning Maneuvers

This is the perfect time of year to do some driving in the country. Yes, we do have some country roads in LA if you know where to look. LA is surrounded by mountains with some very scenic countryside and winding roads. Our leaves are starting to turn but in general we will have to live with a brown countryside due to the lack of rain. Driving your roadster with the top down is what’s it all about. The blue of the Pacific makes the brown disappear and the heat reminds you that you live in LA not New Hampshire. Such is the life of Hot Rodder’s in LA. We seem to enjoy ourselves no matter what the weatherman brings us.

The TROG took place finally and several other activities provided some fun times driving our Hot Rods. FB provides all the latest from the events. The “Smart Phone” has replaced the camera for many of us. You can record your event and send it to the world in a matter of seconds. Think about it — sharing your experiences is something we all like to do and now you can do it every minute of the day. Family and friends love to see you having a good time and you don’t need to lug that camera and lens around to record a “precious moment.” Simply pull out your phone, snap a cool photo and send it on its way. I have never seen so many excellent photos as I see on FB. I no longer have to wait 3 months to read about an event in one of the auto publications, although I still subscribe to most of them, I have them in a matter of minutes from the actual photo. WOW! We sure have improved our communication skills over the past few years. I know, we all have friends who still prefer the flip phone and then ask to look at your Smart Phone to see the photos. Some are just lost in the past and don’t want to change. What a shame, they are missing today’s technology advancements, communication with their family and friends without realizing how simple it really is. Photos make life more enjoyable and eliminate distances and time for your immediate gratification. For the older generation, you can carry your forgetful memory in your phone for instant recall…just saying!!

I have several project both home and hobby going on at the same time and combined with the high heat have not accomplished my goals for the month…but the months not over! Life offers lots of different options on any given day and visiting the “Office” every day is one I should avoid.

Thought for the day — Stay Focused and your dreams will come true!

Stay Tooned!



Scott and Gary had their roadsters ready for a nice road trip and I presume Gary was a little chilly without the top on yellow roadster. St. Louis area roadsters.12107203_947601525334864_6403518450430947489_n

I love these converts with the top down and steel wheels. Loads of fun on the road trips.


If I had a few extra bucks I would have this 40 convert in my garage to keep Pepe company.

Pueblo NSRA 264

My high school buddy, Dave, has owned this phaeton since 1963 and has logged over 150,000 miles crossing the country several times. Neal East was the former owner.


I located the weld inserts on Summit’s site and they look like they will work just fine. They require a 3/4″ hole in the body hole mounts.


Dave had his Walsh built roadster out for some fall weather cruising in TX. He thinks he might have a little too much hp for the street, but that’s Dave.


Dave installed seat belts and shoulder harnesses just in case his right foot puts to much pressure on the accelerator.


The Bay Area Roadsters were out enjoying the weekend. Can you image pulling into a parking lot and finding all these roadsters! Heaven here we come!


I do believe that 2016 will be the year for the Deuce 5-window. Hard to beat in the hiboy form.


Another excellent example of the “Fat Girl” converts. Built by the HRG.


Now these are the places to stop and eat when doing your road trips. The four-door is just plain fun as is the restaurant.


Craig captured this classic look and Lobeck influenced design in his photo from this years LARS.


Have you made your reservations for the greatest show on earth? Don’t delay!!

Monday’s Memories


If you have been in this hobby for a few years, then this photo should bring back memories of the three legends that made a difference in our Hot Rod World as we know it today. (FB photo)  Barry left us too young but his roadster was an inspiration for many in the 70’s and remains my favorite. Maybe Bruce will put it back to the original form.

The Original Lobeck roadster debut in Columbus!


I couldn’t seem to move this young girl away from the car so I just shot it anyway. I would love to see it restored back to this configuration.

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