Monday in LA

The sound of the pavement pounding on Ruby’s tires almost put me to sleep but I knew I had to stay focused in order to make it to the 36th annual Forty Ford Day. Traffic is light at 7:0o am in LA and my wife kept talking to me about how she was looking forward to seeing all of those beautiful forty Fords in one place. I had cleaned on Ruby all day as she is leaving the Pew Hilton and moving into the high rent district in Santa Monica. I knew Walt would be there with Curvy (1937 Ford Woody) so I would need to secure a parking space for him. We arrived at the park only to find a long line of forties waiting to be parked. I grabbed my camera and took some photos while waiting. We moved right along and soon were parked under the trees in a self imposed Woody section. I think this is the best spot we have had in over 20 years. Walt arrived soon after we parked and I had the space saved next to Ruby. We now had Ruby and Curvy re-united and ready for the exchange.

We walked the entire show several times and talked to many old friends and met some new ones. This is a must attend show if you love 1940 Fords. The Forties Limited of Orange County did a great job of organizing the show and making sure everyone was taking care of, just as they have for 36 years. After lunch, we headed home in Leroy and faced the challenge of the Sunday afternoon traffic on the I-5. We made the trip in just over an hour which was completed in a very smooth riding air ride suspended 37 Woody named Curvy.

Thanks Walt for your generosity and patience during the last few years. I look forward to seeing your new areas of interest in a few weeks.

Stay Tooned!


Here is the site early in the morning prior to the crowds. Lots of grass and trees for shade.

I joined the other early arrivals in the Woody section. Woody owners tend to park together at most events I attend.

Sedan deliveries provide lots of space for eating your breakfast and reading the Sunday paper. I counted 7 sedan deliveries which is more than normal for this show.

This CMG 40 delivery was my favorite car of the meet. I had watched this car on ebay and was happy to see it in person. I like everything about this car except the price. I will have to keep working on Andre and now like the CMG color for paint choice (this week only).

Jim builds some of the nicest 40 coupes being built today. He has kept this one for the last few years. My wife loves the color of his coupe. It is a special mix that is really striking in the sun light.

Jim’s earlier effort was also a show stopper in another special mix color. He also built a convertible in this shade a few years back. All of Jim’s cars feature full detail everywhere you look.

I ran into this coupe which I immediately recognized due to the Royal Maroon color and TRACO motor. I have not seen this car in many years and is now owned by Frosty.

Yes, there were some really nice Deuces in attendance. This Washington Blue beauty was the real deal and had a QC peeking out the back.

I liked this sedan that was for sale but I finally recognized the rear fenders had been widened to cover the 10 inch Halibrands on the back. It was a very nice sedan.

I have seen this 40 convert at Forty Ford day for many years and today he parked right behind us. He has owned the car for over 20 years and did the work himself. The black paint reflects how straight the body panels show in the sun. I did talk to him about the car and he is planning on a redo sometime soon.

Pewsplace New Guest!

Curvy made it home without any problems and will join Andre for a short stay. He likes curves.

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