Mondaky’s Weekend Update

Big weekend in LA. Saturday was the cruise at Wendy drive. Sunday was the Harbor Run and Redline Corvette show. Jane and I kept busy as she has to drive me around for awhile. She actually had a good time at all the activities. Saturday night was a little chilly but a lot of cars showed and were busy squealing their tires and seeing how much noise they could make. I am not sure what this was all about but it reminded me of my high school days so it was O.K. by me. Three special Chevrolets were in attendance, all owned by the same family. These were the highlight of the show….a 57 truck, 57 Nomad and a 62 Impala. The engines were all special and the details were second to none. When Fords are not in attendance I look at Chevrolets. Remember I worked for GM.

The day was overcast on Sunday and the weather was cool by the ocean. Channel Islands is a very scenic place and lots of cars showed up early. Jane and I stayed until noon and then headed for the Redline Corvette club show in TO. What a day, very tired by the end of the day. I came home and watched Green Bay beat Chicago which made Paul happy. As for me, I can’t understand how both QB’s at UCLA and USC got beat up this weekend. This is going to be a great football season. Now, if I can just pick the winners each week I can finish the roadster which I am now keeping.

Here are some photos for you…

Stay tooned!



Beautiful black 57 Chevrolets. Both of these cars were over the top with details. I loved them.


The truck had a blown SBC with lots of bling. Bling and black go together. I don’t know who built these cars but they had their stuff together. Perfect and very straight.


The Nomad had a Ram Jet with all the good stuff.


Hard to get a good picture at night and lots of people so here is a rear side view. Jane wanted this car.


Same family had this 62 Impala with a 572 BBC installed. Jay Leno would like this one.


Ford trucks of the 53-56 era have always been a favorite of mine. This was a high end unit with a frame that cost as much as my house. The car sounded really good. Silver paint with red frame and undercarriage.


The Harbor Run is a very scenic place. This is my wife wondering what boat she would like to have.


Old timer at the Harbor. Five window with a Miller/Ford banger. The owner had lots of stories. Super car.


Passenger side view of banger showing carbs and Miller side plate.


Driver’s side of engine detailed for show. I did not hear it run but my friend said it sounded nice.

Today’s Ride…Andre update…


Thanks to Pete I have the correct tail light bracket for Andre. The holes for the 39 tail lights will be filled.


I have only been able to loosen one of the six hinge pins. I keep soaking until I don’t hurt anything. I have broken two Bob Drake hinge pin removers. They don’t work for me.

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