Model A Monday

I don’t feature Model-A’s often but more and more of them are showing up at events. The availability of bodies for a reasonable price makes them attractive for many hot rodders. The cabin is smaller but doesn’t seem to bother those who build them. Pinkee has built some really nice ones over the years and his one-off approach always catches my eye. His team can put some unique features in the build that requires some thought and execution to make it work. RPU’s have always been popular and until the Deuce RPU came out a few years ago, were the rage in the 70’s. Of course, roadsters have always been a favorite to build. The 29 on Deuce rails still makes a very traditional ride and with SO-CAL’s ready to go chassis combined with a Brookville body, the task is easy. I think I could be enticed to build one of these if I were not so tall. I have included some photos of model-A’s that will give you a different perspective of hot rods to compare to Deuces, Forties and Model 40’s. I am in a rut talking about these cars so I took a different route today. I hope you enjoy them as I will be on to something else on Woody Wednesday!

Enjoy the short week and the coming 4th of July weekend.

Stay Tooned!



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I spent some time looking at this one which was built by a worker at Pinkee’s in CO. The 5″ rails are a trademark of the shop.

The interior of the trunk reveals the craftsmanship that goes into the cars at Pinkee’s. Dual 6 volt Optima  batteries are becoming popular where limited space is available.


Lots of details in the cabin indicate careful planning and an overall theme carried out.

Here is where I get anxious. I love seeing these bare metal cars cruising down the road in style. Could there be a Model-A in your future? Bob-O thinks so!

Cramming that big Buick is not and easy task unless you use the Deuce chassis and side steering.

One of the nicest RPU’s to be built lately is this 29 with perfect body work and paint along with a detailed flatty. Art is working on a 34 roadster now.

If you prefer the hiboy style then this creation may suite your needs.

I forget the story but by the smile on his face, I would think he has owned the car a long time. A beautiful photo of the 29 RPU along side the lake.

A lot of history goes with this old roadster. I see it ever year at JCP. Model-A’s and Deuce rails are made for each other.

Now this is one to put in my garage or Steve’s. I am not sure about the Hallock windshield but I could change that. Nice proportions!

Brad put this one together with the help of SO-CAL a few years ago an the clean design was a hit with most at the PRC. That is Dave Enmark’s Wescott Deuce body number 1 on the right.

If you have been around for a while then you remember Bud’s 29 that he put together and then was involved in a rear end collision. Julian purchased it and put it back together again.

Monday’s Model-A Pickup’s and Panels

Jake’s panel is one of the best in my mind. He keeps it immaculate.

Built by SO-CAL for Chuck, this extended cab 29 was a clever creation a few years ago. (Correction built by Dick Royer on the east coast.)

Here is Chuck’s built by PC3 prior to becoming SO-CAL. Note larger rear window.

I like hiboys and this one has the look I like in a truck.

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