Model 40 Hiboy Roadsters

The Fall brings some beautiful weather for cruising in our Hot Rods. While we don’t have the colorful landscapes that some parts of the country enjoy, we do have some areas in the mountains that are very scenic in the Fall. Our group tries to schedule a couple of trips during this period to enjoy the cooler weather and beautiful scenery.

Since I can no longer work on cars during this rheumatoid arthritis period, I just do a lot of dreaming and forward planning. As you know if you follow my blog, I love the 33/4 Ford hiboy roadster. The scarcity of these original bodies and the availability of the SAR steel ones makes it a difficult task to locate one.

Locating the real deal, repo steel or a Wescott has been my pursuit lately. Several leads have produced some interesting finds. SAR bodies with a stock original firewall and dash really seem like something that is worth pursuing. I have included some recent builds and others who have used the SAR body with great success in my mind. Who knows what the future will bring.

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Real Deal


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