Model 40 Friday

I had a busy day purchasing and installing new tires on Andre. I had planned on installing some “Rollers” but soon found out that new tires are almost as cheap as used tires. Andre wouldn’t stand still for those old leakers on his way to TN. I settled on a set of Falken tires with a nice looking side wall and a 48,000 miles warranty. I will never seek used tires again as they are not even good for rollers. Maybe I will purchase a set of Kugel rollers that are really cool looking and never go flat. I lowered Andre down to see how he sits and I like the stance with the 185 x 65R x 15 front and 225 x 70R x15 rear tires. I used a set of Wheelsmith 15×5 and 15×7 wheels which are both centered. Andre is now ready for his journey from the Ocean to land of Country Music. ” Grandpa tell me about the good old days.”

I have heard from many of you who are headed out for the LARS. Please send me some driving photos of your trip. (iPhone photos are fine) I receive a 9 to 1 ratio of Deuces to Model 40’s but as you know, my first love is the model 40 roadster. Not many are built due to the scarcity of good bodies in steel but Wescott makes a perfect reproduction. I don’t know if SAR still makes the roadster but I do know where there is one stored in a garage nearby. I even have an original one located but the owner is going to fix it up one day. Such are the frustrations of the Hot Rodder searching for his dream. For those of you who are new to the Pomona area, be sure to take in the SO-CAL and Walden Speed Shop open houses on Friday, June 15th. They are located close to each other. I also stop by the Kennedy Boys who always have some neat stuff in their shop. You won’t find two nicer guys than Jay and Jason. I don’t know if Lynn Williams son is going to open his shop but I will find out and let your know. I am sure there are many more places that will be welcoming all the out of town folks who are in for the big show. The Early Ford Store in San Dimas is also a good spot to stop prior to opening on Friday morning. Bill and his staff are always there to help you with locating the hard to find part you need. The parking lot out back is full of Hot Rods from all over the US. I am looking forward to another fabulous weekend in Pomona.

Have you made your hotel reservations? You better hurry.

Stay Tooned!


Since Tom is a local he is sure to bring his Washington Blue 34 to the show.

Lucy, my old roadster, is now in CO but they seem to bring a bunch of cars each year.

To build a nice model 40 you need a nice original chassis to build a solid foundation.

The LARS swap area will have several stock and modified chassis for sale. A Model 40 has the 112 inch WB and a standard x member which makes building one much easier than a Deuce.

If you like yours’ stock looking then how about this jewel parked in the swap meet area of the LARS.

I would love to find one like this and drive the wheels off it going to the “Office” each morning.

Rory did a fine job of building his roadster. I first saw this one at the Early Ford Store and immediately fell in love.

You would be hard pressed to find a nicer old roadster than this one. I love the fenders when they sit this close to the ground. What’s not to like?

A fellow GM employee built this one many years ago and drives it everywhere. Bill is an artist and was in charge of GMC brand design at the GM Tech Center.

Kirk White’s Blackbird has been around for a long time and I had the pleasure of seeing this one in person a couple of years ago.

My All Time Model 40 Favorite!

I think this beauty, built by Lowry’s in NH, would be top on my list. Flathead powered and perfect rake make this one a keeper.

Just enough Hot Rod flavor to make it perfect for Pewsplace.

Bill”s Ardun powered 33 is also high on my list. A local car with loads of history in the SO-CAL area. Pete Eastwood chassis and the rest was built in Bill’s shop.


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