Model 40 Friday

If you follow Pewsplace you know that I’m fond of the Model 40 (33/34) Fords — especially the Roadster and Phaeton models. I probably will never own another one at my age, but I still love the look of the Model 40’s. Besides the obvious good looks, the extra six inches of wheelbase makes the car ride and handles much better than the Deuce. It also provides much-needed leg room if you place the seat in the rearward position. My first sedan was a 34 rust free Tudor that I purchased because I couldn’t find a decent Deuce sedan. I built the car in my garage utilizing the then popular Jaguar rear axle and a dropped Bell axle with split bones up front. Mickey at Total Performance chromed everything and I had a very nice riding sedan painted 99L DuPont  black lacquer. I had two children so the big sedan was a plus for my growing family. Black sedans still require my attention when I see them at the shows.

Jane on the other hand always preferred the Cabriolet as her favorite Model 40 as she liked the top down feature and roll up windows for the inclement weather. Lately, due to hanging with my high school buddy Dave, I have grown to love the 1933 Phaeton such as Brizio built for Bruce Kanepa. Dave’s is actually a 33 with a 34 front end which was popular in the day. Myself, I prefer the 33 hood and grille for several design reasons especially when combined with the beautiful DuVall windshield. The curved louvers and grill match the curved windshield perfectly.

The chassis are much stronger and really don’t need boxing but I box the front section for the increase power of the SBC. I still love the dropped axle and 9 inch Ford rear end on coil overs to give the car a decent ride. Roy installs a lot of IFS in his builds but I save those for my 40 Fords. The last chassis I did I used ASC rails and DOM tubing for a very strong chassis that keeps the doors closed on your open cars. I prefer the original chassis and have located a couple but the old body isn’t ready for another chassis even though the mind says —”Go For It”! Who knows a Roadster or Phaeton may show up one of these days when I’m feeling better.

Stay Tooned!


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Lucy was my last attempt at a 33 hiboy roadster which Terry and Ray added their touch.

I saw this one in Bakersfield a few years ago and liked the look. Wescott bodies are just fine for me but I don’t think they make them anymore or at least I haven’t seen one being built lately.

Chris found the real deal and thought it looked good as a hiboy but later added fenders.

Rex Rods (Ketih) built another real deal 34 roadster that I liked.

Mick built this Australian glass body into a beautiful roadster with the help of Geoff.

George sent Roy a Rat’s Glass body and had him add the 37 Ford truck grille for a Jake Morgan look.

The early custom roadsters were a big hit with may.

Another version with the 37 truck grille was here in LA for a spell.

A real deal 34 was a local car for a few years and then was sold.

Here is another favorite of mine with nice top and whitewalls.

High School Hot Rod is looking really good to me.

I have followed this one for many years and I think it still looks like this which is O.K. by me.

I built a very strong chassis using 1/ 1/2″ DOM tubing but will use the Ionia X on my next project.


Ionia sells this center section which when combined with the ASC rails makes a beautiful chassis with not pits.

The frame was detailed for a black gloss finish which is still pending.

The Cabriolet is a classy vehicle and not seen as often as the roadster. My wife loves them and they command a big dollar.

This would be my dream Phaeton if one ever shows up I can afford. Chopped top makes it sinister looking when done in all black.

The Potter trunk was a popular item for sedans and phaetons as there was no trunk. I had one on my sedan as did Jim Smith’s 34 sedan.

The Jim Stockton has a very nice Phaeton shown here with the rear tonneau cover.

Fred had this beauty in his shop for some repairs.

The red is also nice looking but I like black for the classic look.

Jim Cherry built a winner many years ago and it had yellow wire instead of the red shown now. A private collector keeps it nice.

I would be smiling too if this was me and my buddies in my driveway.

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