Model 40 Friday

For those of us who have been involved in the wonderful hobby of building hot rods, there comes a certain satisfaction of being able to say, “been there and done that,” with a slight grin on our face. Most of us have traveled to events near and far, attended local cruise nights, built a car in our home garage (or at least started a project) and ventured off to locate that perfect garage find which has been hidden away for years. Take for example a phone call I received from a fellow who was answering an advertisement I had on Fordbarn. While we talking, he mentioned that he knew of a 34 roadster body that had been stored away for years and was just sitting covered up in the person’s back yard (This is where the “been there done that” phrase comes in). As he continued to describe the car, I became familiar with the car he was talking about. It seems I visited that same garage looking for a sedan delivery about 10 years ago and discovered the owner also had a very nice 34 roadster behind his house under a cover. I never mentioned to the caller that I knew of the roadster but I was sure it was the same one.

The caller wanted a finder’s fee which is O.K. by me, but I was reluctant to say O.K. as I was fully aware of the roadsters whereabouts. I finally ask where the car was located and that information would cost me a cool $500. A little high for a finder’s fee but worth it if the car was actually as described. I told him I would get back with him and make arrangements to go see the car. I immediately followed up with a call to the owner of the car I knew about and no, it was not for sale, but he knew the caller. Sometimes chasing cars is a great experience that is stored away in the brain for future reference and follow up. I am sure many of you have similar tales stored away for those late night parking lot discussions with your buddies. After all, if you have “been there and done that”, why not share it with your peers.

If I have opened up your memory a little about some treasure you know about, why not place a call and see if the owner is ready to sell. Today might be your lucky day.

Have a weekend to remember.

Stay Tooned!


Model 40 Friday!

This roadster photo is from 1957 and the car is still unfinished and sitting behind a garage somewhere in LA. Oh My!

This outside photo is also and early photo of the roadster which is now covered by a make shift shed. Never any rust or pits on this one.

This is what I went to look at and didn’t get it bought but did purchase the 34 chassis for my second roadster. I am sure this car is still sitting right where it was 10 years ago.

This one has been sitting for a very long time and has great potential….right Bill!

Am I the only one who feels this is one of the most beautiful roadsters Henry built? They are scarce in this form. (Lowrey’s in NH)

This was a sad day for me and a good one for Terry. He finished my dream of many years. This was the third 34 unfinished roadster I had started. You could have added fenders without any problems but that is not me.

Don sold this one many years ago to my friend at the Early V8 garage and he still drives it when possible. They don’t need to be fancy to have fun.

I am one that loves the tank out back. Pull the fenders, add a hot flatty,some steel wheels and look for a race on Saturday night. (Richard, please bring back the Reliability Run for us roadster lovers.)

Kevin has another driver with an Eastwood chassis and Wescott body. The car has the look of old. Where is my original chassis?

Later on that year I was at Roy’s shop and fell in love all over again. This is an all steel reproduction roadster from SAR. I love the color and hinges.

Roy can also build you a Speed 33 with windows and fold down top. I know that is a cop out but these cars are really nice when done in a traditional fashion. The hood looks a mile long and expensive.

Rich has this one stored away for a future project. Note there is no engine or transmission in this photo. The A-arms are parallel when the drivetrain is installed. The IF&RS makes this one a great road car for cruising to P-Town.

My favorite is this AMBR show second place winner from a couple of years ago. Traditional yet modern in technology and engineering makes it a winner. I would put this one in my garage without hesitation.

I love the hiboy model 40 for some reason and this one really turns my crank. Sinister and great photography somewhere back east.

Here is the same car sans top. Note the unique louvers on the hood tops. I would have to move the headlights back even with the grille and reduce the size. I don’t know who owns this one but I sure like it.

Roy can add a 37 grille like he did for George and make it a cover car for TRJ. Rats Glass body with extended doors gives you plenty of room.

Weekend Favorite 33 Roadster!

I would say this is the one I would select if I had the opportunity. Posts laid back and chopped makes the profile perfect on this roadster. (Lowrey’s in NH)


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  2. Hi Lynn……glad to hear Harvey H. finally put a shed over his HS roadster!
    I met Harvey back in 91, that’s when I first seen the SD & ’34 roadster, he told me he was going to rebuild both…..SOMEDAY??
    Does he still have the SD?
    Thanks Lynn, I really enjoy “PEW’S PLACE”!

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