Merry Christmas

More of 2012 in the Rearview Mirror

Two classics at the Holiday Excursion Tour.

Cory’s beautiful Deuce chassis is waiting for the body to be installed.

Here is the finished project which he drove from Sid’s to the LARS this past summer.

I love this model 40 hiboy roadster.

Roy is building a super sedan for one of his customers. This car has all the correct stuff.

I also love the fat converts and this one sits perfect.

The lowly 29 sedan makes headlines in MI this year.

A perfect 37 woody on the lawn at the Marriott Cliffs resort.

Reed’s old 34 is tops on my list and the new owner keeps it perfect. I watched Reed build this one.

Flames are perfect for the model 40 coupes.

Chuck mastered the Hemi look in his 5 window.

Jim built a very, very nice 34 tub to go cruising with his father.

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