Memorial Day — Driving Deuces

Memorial Day is more than backyard BBQ’s and neighborhood parties to me. Recognizing those who served their time and those who gave it all to protect us is the most important aspect of the day. Their efforts allow us to continue to live in the greatest country on earth. Today, we live in a World filled with hate by terrorist who are trying to destroy everything we have worked so hard to achieve. The dedication of our armed forces to stop them from succeeding is to be appreciated by everyone who cares about America. Take time during your celebration to give thanks to all of our Armed Forces personnel. They make possible the FREEDOM we have today.

Have a safe a wonderful Memorial Day and take the Hot Rod out for a ride with the American Flag flying proudly at your home. Driving Deuces is my feature today. No garage or trailer queens on Memorial Day.

Stay Tooned!


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Automotive extraordinary artist Thom Taylor captured the feeling in his famous illustration of the Deuce hiboy roadster.

I love roadsters by the water and Cory stopped to shoot this one a few years ago.

Lake Tahoe and B-400’s qualify as Deuces by the water.

Stopping for a look at the calm Pacific is always worth the time.

The Arizona boys also like to visit our Pacific for one last look before hitting the desert roads.

Chick goes everywhere in his Deuce.

Deuces are attracted to the water’s edge. I am attracted to both.

I have many photos to prove my point about Deuces and water.

Mountains seemed to be another good spot for photo opportunities.

On their way to the Pacific these Deuces stopped in the mountains.

Just passing through on way to LA.

The early morning fog is thick in the mountains.

The best place to prove you have been there is beneath the Bonneville sign.

Chick has been everywhere in his Deuce Driver.

Early SO-CAL Speed Shop kit looks good sitting on the Salt.

Sometimes you have to compromise and put it on the trailer after complications.

If you need to take the whole family then the mor-door is the Deuce of choice.

You may be getting ready for the ALL Deuce Run which is travels some really beautiful roads.

You know you need to remove the green tape prior to going for a ride or showing it in the Memorial Day Parade.

If you know Phaetons, then Rodger’s is no stranger. He did drive this one to MN where he let me sit in the driver’s seat. I went home and ordered a Wescott with a 3″ set back seat.

Bob has a driver also with a nice chopped top.

Malibu offers some nice Vista’s for viewing our magnificent Pacific. Back Road Boys!

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