Memorial Day Deuce Sedans

The summer is not here until June 21st but for most of us, summer starts with Memorial Day. Lake homes open up, boats are brought out of storage and the Hot Rod is ready to roll to the events of spring and summer. I have been working on Pepe and Poppy to ready them for the upcoming events like the LARS. If you have been following Pewsplace then you know that I lost Pepe’s brakes and had to have them repaired. My normal routine is that I drive him up on the rams I made and crawl underneath to do the work. Well, my old body doesn’t do so well laying on the driveway, even with a nice thick mat. My friend has several lifts available so that is where I headed.

I called Donnie to come over to Bob’s and help me with the leak in the front driver’s side hose. Everything went well until we went to let the 4-post lift back down on the ground. I was sitting in the car pumping the brakes when all of a sudden the right side of the lift fell about a foot and stopped. The pulley that holds the cable had failed and shot across the open space. We were all scared that the next fall would be the entire lift with me inside the car. Luckily that didn’t happen as the ramps were jammed into the stops at an angle. In summary, the car is still on the lift awaiting a repair man to come and make it operational again. So much for using a lift. I will stick to laying on my back on the driveway.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and remember what we are celebrating. We should be very thankful for those that served and those that gave it all.

“Happy Memorial Day”


Here is my shade tree mechanic approach to repairs made in my driveway. Jack stands are under frame also. The stool is to help me get up after I try to stand up.

Stay Tooned!


Sinister Black with a light chop looks good.

I love this color on Deuces. Just add the wheels of your choice, paint the grille orange and you have my favorite combination.



I have seen this one in person and its simplicity makes it a standout that you and I could build. Three inch chop is just right for me.


Sharon still drives this Fat Jack creation with help from Lil’John.

Jerry Moreland owned this Bauder built beauty. I wonder what ever happened to this one?

I like them chopped and this photo shows where the cuts are made. Note stock rear window.

The side view shows where they cut the post and the top. It appears they stretched the top.

My sedan was chopped 3″ in the 50’s by Hollywood Chop Shop. Note the Centerline wheels which were hot before Boyd.

A very nice older build with Eastwood chassis and Halibrands. The car now resides in Prescott, AZ with lots of LA guys.

Here are some different chassis styles for your Deuce sedan.

The round DOM tubing seems to be the most popular.

Ionia has perfected the early style chassis for the Deuce.

Roy built Mariani this classic from and old Hot Rod.

Sedans are going together everywhere and in all types of styles.

The Deuce Guy, Dale, is the guru of Deuces with a huge collection.

Not a sedan but Dales cross-country cruiser headed to the LARS. Never a top!

Not normally seen under a sedan, Scott added the Champ to his Cornhusker built sedan. I love the look!

If you want a truly stock looking sedan then copy this one. Perfect! I think we should go back to 4-bars front links.

Terry now has this body to put on his son’s super chassis. Maybe he will need a new chassis since the new body has a super floor.

Terry uses 1-5/8″ DOM tubing for his super stout chassis.


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