March Madness

Our County is back in the Red Zone so we can eat indoors (limited capacity) and things are starting to open up. “Woodies in the Valley “has been moved to April and our group is going. but Old Blue is still down but I have found a garage to install a new clutch. I’m not going auto and nine inch this time. Bill will be happy that we left it alone.The car has been down too long and needs to be driven

The infusion procedure is helping my RA and the Doctor is great.FA is not curable but treatable. Perhaps they will find a cure in our lifetime.Praying!!


The Havasu Deuce Show was a huge success this year with lots of Deuces to keep a smile on Deuce lover’s faces. The event draws cars from all over the country and continues to be one of the best in the West. Thanks to the organizers for continuing the show.

Stay toned,


Hot Rods

Basic Black Model 40
creation LImfire tribute

S0-CAL creation from 20 years ago

Kugel modern day hiboy with super ride quality
Red deliver stands out in the crowd.
Photo of the week SFSS
Old school 34
Euroopean model 40
New trend in scoops
Love our Merc’s
Chad Adams look
Certainly one of the best by Ryan Reed
Bad to the bone 3W
I love the look of this old model 40
High School mercury was the best with the Barris crest
CSR built and one of the best Wescott Duval wihshield deuces. I. believe the top is a Wescott also
Similar in looks but built by Steve Moal Wescott body
aMy friend Ed Sich is building a new to him sedan. It will be uncapped.
I love this Phaeton Wescott think

For Sale

This beauty is on the market for some serious $$$$ and worth it.

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