March Madness

March brings us to the final college basketball season and the start of rod run season. I’m a fan of both events and plan to enjoy watching basketball and driving Blue. Blue is being updated with a new 9 inch Ford rear end on parallel leafs and a 350 transmission. Jane and I should be able to drive her now with ease.

Driving is the most enjoyable part of having a Woodie. The events are so nice and always located in a nice venue which makes the day worthwhile. Woodie owners are friendly and fun to be around. I won’t be ready for the Woodie in the Valley event but all of them later on.

The Detroit Autorama was this last weekend and from the photos of FB, the Great 8 all looked nice. Late-model builds dominated the entries which are the trends in car shows today. As of this writing, I don’t know who won the Ridler Award.

I have a variety of photos for you today. Enjoy March and do a little dreaming about your Hot Rod.

Stay Tooned!


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