Malibu Woodie Parade

The Malibu Woodie Christmas Parade is the last Woodie event for the year and John does a yeoman’s job in producing the event the second Sunday of December. I have only missed one over the years and our group really supports the event as we have a great holiday celebration with the Woodies. This years event is December 10, 21017 and starts at Paradise Cove in Malibu and ends at Cross Creek Shoping Center on PCH. The weather can be chilly but we were plenty of clothing and enjoy the day no matter what the weather is like. As I have mentioned many times, Woodie people are the most congenial you will ever meet and have fun under all all circumstances.

The Winter months provides lots of time to review what needs to be done to the wood to keep it nice and ready for the next season. Many people apply new varnish to certain areas or even the whole car. I know my friend George, is planning on redoing his driver’s door to improve the match to the rest of the car. Test a small patch is the best way to see how many coats are required to match the other wood. Take your time and you will do just fine. This is also a good time to tighten up all the fasteners and make sure the screw covers are tight in the wood. These little devils are priceless stainless and have a tendency to fall out over time.

As for the mechanical things, just sure they are all working properly and the battery is on a battery tender. I also like to lift the car off the ground so the tires can be rotated, brakes checked and overall ease of climbing under the car to check all the nuts and bolts. Checking the wheel bearings, u-joint bearings and fluid levels is also important. If you live in snow country then I would pour in some STABIL in the gas tank. We don’t have that problem in our area. Taking care of your Woodie during the off season is required for continued service for many miles to come.

I hope to have some updates on some of the Woodie Projects I have been following so …..

Stay Tooned!


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Tim builds high end woodies like this CMG beauty. Note he is still putting the finishing touches on this one. If I were to build one, it would be a clone of this one. Solid axle instead of MII might be one exception at my age.

Miss Daisy is going to have her door redone to match the rest of the wood. Old varnish will be removed and new added until a match is achieved.

A Woodie wagon has lots of little parts that you may be missing Woody Bob may have what you require during your maintenance check.

If the job is over your head skill wise, then look for a competent shop that can repair your part or make a new one. CR Marks garage.

Early arrivals at Paradise Cove in Malibu. It was chilly on this day.

One of my favorites is this local 40 with the wooden teardrop trailer.

Walt was making sure the whitewalls were clean on Ruby.

Our leader, John passed out some hats and driver information prior to taking off on the parade route.

The season makes everyone feel good at the annual Malibu Woodie Parade.

Jim was smiling because he knew is 40 Woodie would be finished soon. The woodie belongs to Andy Cohen of Beverly Hills Motoring Accessories.

Jane and Lorraine discuss the men’s decorations with some comments.

Ruby was looking good with the colorful wreaths on the tailgate.

Our leader through the private Malibu community was this horse drawn carriage with a familiar group of Santa’s helpers.

The route takes over a wooden bridge and some very scenic areas in Malibu.

One year we were able to park on the Pier for some good times.

The merchants always provide some tasty treats for the parade goers.

Jane and Lorraine are waiting for their hot chocolate and brownies. Our new venue serves a complete luncheon of deserts.

Woodie owners — Believe!

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