Malibu Woodie Parade #13 — The Best Yet!

The final Woodie event of the year took place in Malibu and was the 13th year John has produced this marvelous parade of Woodies through Malibu. This year was the best so far with 31 old wooden cars riding down PCH and through the rich and famous back roads, lead by a horse drawn carriage and beautiful ladies. We ended up in a new spot that was private and included food, music, drinks and lots of camaraderie among fellow Woodie enthusiast from the area. The weather was not perfect but was cooperating all day with some sun and clouds. After all, it’s winter in Malibu. I want to thank John and his staff for again ending the season with a well organized event with loads of fun for everyone. I can’t wait for number 14.

This is the final post for 2016 and I promise to be back in January with some more Hot Rods that —“Keep the Flame Burning One Day at a Time!”

“Merry Christmas”



Stay Tooned!

Jane and Lynn



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Here are early arrivals for our luncheon prior to the parade and celebration.


Walt and his son had their Woodies in the parade.


Christmas decorations are welcome and are on most Woodies in the parade.


Rich and Val went all out on their new Woodie. Two 40 Woodies next to each other was exciting to me. There were 4-1940 Ford Woodies in attendance.


One must be careful and not damage the precious varnish on the wooden bodies. Rich handled the taping.


This one comes every year and I love it. So subtle but beautiful in the Folkstone Gray color.


The all important driver’s meeting with John and Dave wearing their designer corduroys thinking they are on the East Coast.


We were all given hats for participating in the parade. Thanks John.


Here is another 40 with an LS3, Inglese EFI installed. Nice ride!


Andy, has owned this one for over 40 years, comes every year as he lives in Malibu.


It is always nice to be lead by a horse drawn carriage.


Driving through the back roads proved to be interesting seeing all the large homes and horse properties.


The homes were extremely large and situated on several acres of property.


The wooden bridge was an added sight for the wooden cars.


The ladies were enjoying the day with selfies.


We were lucky to park by the band and Cafe.


The Surfer Band — the Ho-Dads provided great music for our crowd of Woodie owners.


As the clouds and darkness came in, we started packing and heading down the PCH to our homes. Another great Malibu Christmas Parade produced by John and his staff. Thank you!

“No Bad Days”

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