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The wife is out of town, so as they say, “When the cats away it is time to play.” I arose early Saturday and headed out to the Pasadena area to attend the Early Rodders coffee and meet up with Bob and Bill who are regulars at this weekly event. I arrived at 7:00 am and found no one I knew so I headed to Four Bucks for a decaf and scone. I am a true lover of English scones and they have good ones. While I was enjoying my breakfast, I ran into Sandy and Bob who had just arrived. Bill showed up shortly thereafter and we had a wonderful morning talking cars.

This casual event draws all types of cars including top end exotic cars like the F 40, Audi R8 Spyder and real Cobras which are always nice to look at and dream. These folks can afford the best and they deserve to show off their passion for the automobile. As with most events I attend today, there are very few old Fords to look at. I counted about 10 cars out of over 100 that were in my peer group with Pepe and that’s O.K. by me. Bill and Bob drove their 40 and 46 convertibles which I dearly love and there were a couple of hiboys to keep me interested. I enjoyed the morning and soon headed home in the high heat of the Valley. No garage time due to the heat and lack of interest today.

Sunday was also a great day as I made a dry run to Malibu on our proposed route and had the time of my life. Malibu in the summer is a great place and the back roads to get there are filled with adventure seeking car and motorcycle enthusiasts who love the winding roads and high Santa Monica Mountains. I am glad we go on Tuesdays as the cyclists scare me to death. Riding standing up on the seat with both hands high in the air is not my idea of one who is in control. Youth are easily swayed until an accident happens that could end their young life. I was young once but never crazy (maybe a time or two) enough to hurt myself. I enjoyed looking at all the special cars of Malibu. I fell in love with a Porsche Speedster that was a 10+ restoration and bright red. These cars have always fascinated me my entire life. They have the look — and that is what I was after with Lucy and the DuVall windshield. I did spot one woody and one Deuce roadster but they were the only hot rods I saw. Pac’s of Lambos, Ferraris and Porsches are everywhere winding through the mountain roads and competing for the narrow road space going into the many tight turns. Folks, this is exciting to watch from the front seat of a 40 Ford that rocks and rolls on a straight stretch of highway.

I enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the Malibu Market where several walk up window eateries are available featuring everything from health foods to Pizza. I choose the health food to maintain my daily balance of oatmeal. I hope you believe me. I ended the weekend jumping in the pool to stay cool and dreaming of driving the roadster standing on the front seat with my hands held high in the air while cruising PCH.

Have a wonderful week and if your are headed to Louisville for the NSRA Nationals, enjoy the hot weather and beautiful cars.

Stay Tooned!



He is trying decide which one he likes the best. A very hard choice, but the best bang for the buck is the 46 rag of Bob and Sandy’s. Bill has owned his cherry 40 for over 10 years. Both cars are stock.


A Cobra, GT40 and Audi R8 are lined up for your viewing and discussion. I talked to all three owners about the performance of the cars. The could do the Malibu Muholland drive thing without any problem.


Parked across from the La Canada crowd was H&H’s slick little coupe. Lots of detail make this one special. You have mingle with the crowd and keep them interested in these “Old Fords”.


Yes, this is the health food sandwich at Paul’s Garden in Malibu. Very tasty and notice the diet soda and someone else’s chips. Ha!


I spotted this Speedster while having my Gelato at the Malibu Lumber Yard. Perfect restoration and big $$$.


This is the famous Muholland drive your read about. The road is 54 miles in duration and is well travelled daily. Motorcycles are on this road by the hundreds on the weekend. Exotic cars are everywhere you look and you can see the tire marks from their driving skills. I did not test out Pepe’s brakes for fear of heights and falling.


This is my cup of tea in a roadster. Cruising through the forest enjoying the rough road and bouncy ride. Top speed is 15 mph. What a trip! My wife can find Wineries in these spots — believe me.


Dave and his Roadster Boys also do some cruising but on the wrong side of the road. I think this situation is best captioned by, “What did I run over Mate?” Note this is a model 40 not a Deuce.


Dave’s job is to replace the muffler and his 40 is keeping watch to make sure the roadster doesn’t stay long.


In the Land Down Under they do enjoy the roadster runs also. I do believe the scenery is a tad bit better than ours as I have been there for GM.


Dave purchased Bob-O’s 40 and drives it often with his buddies. Note the 34 in the background. Thanks for the nice photos Dave.


PCH requires a nice Woody like this one. The car has been on the market for a long time and while a beautiful car, the buyers who spend six figures for woodies these days are few and far between. Perfect wood on this owner built car.


I have been in love with this one for a couple of years. It is a nice car but doesn’t seem to sell for the amount the owner wants. Frantic know this car and thinks it is a good one. See ebay.

Monday’s Roadster and Woody!


Dave also sent this wonderful photo of the 34 roadster parked in the woods with his sweetheart. He is probably not thinking about the rough roads to get there if you know what I mean. Pepe needs a garage Mate. I could get used to the RH drive.


Another beautiful photo from the internet shows the big Buick setting perfect with the Pacific sunset. Looks like a Bones creation.

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