Love on the Weekend!

The second annual Havasu Deuce Day was deemed to be a huge success by all who attended. Over 200 Deuces were in attendance for this well planned and implemented show. Garage tours, downtown street parking and a huge Deuce display were all part of the event. Thanks to Rich and Val for the photos they sent along as they flew over the show in their plane. And a special thanks goes out to all who helped make this a Deuce lovers delight! I’m sure this will become and annual event since their’e so many Deuce owners living in Lake Havasu. I sure hope so. I was unable to walk very well or I would have not missed this event. Next year for sure!!

We should have a lot of Deuce Days this year as the 85th Anniversary marks another milestone for the iconic Deuce that so many people enjoy. I feel left out by not currently owing a Deuce as they don’t seem to celebrate the model – 40 Ford Anniversary in our part of the country. Perhaps there is an opportunity for some promoter. The 1940 Ford seems to have a good following and recognizes milestones so why not the model – 40? I do recall the LAR’s had a 75th Anniversary parking area at their annual show in Pomona. The attendance was good but nothing like the Deuces. I once asked Vern Walker of Walker Radiator fame what was his most popular seller and he quickly responded the 1932 Ford. The availability of reproduction bodies makes the search much easier and the build much faster so I predict Brookville will be around for a long time.

Could there be a Deuce in your future?

It is all about the stance!!


Stay Tooned!


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The show was packed with Deuces from all over as well as other makes and models.

Chuck and Derek drove their Deuces and had a smile on their face all weekend long. The new roadster with the Ardun heads is a top notch Hot Rod.

This is a great shot of Chuck and the grandson riding in the Deuce.

RPU’S are showing up everywhere. Nice silver one.

Rich caught the tail end of the same nice RPU on the tour.

My friend Tom was enjoying the garage tours and the pretty ladies.

Koul Tools had his shop open for the tours and displayed his expert engineering background by showing his EFI flathead.

Dick’s shop is something most of us could only dream about.

Yes, the Forty Ford is a natural partner for the Deuce. The convertible was just plain nice. These were part of Charlie’s car collection.


This looks like Gary’s 3-window in Denny’s garage. One of the best!!

The Kool Tool garage had some nice Deuces parked in the drive.

If you prefer fenders, then this one should fit your taste in Deuces.

Walt had his Boyd 33 in Denny’s garage for all to view. They all can’t be Deuces can they!

Even the 36 Cabriolet looks great for touring.

These were not at the show but I thought I would throw them in for the Duvall windshield lovers.

Notice the license plate.

A Hot Rods by Dean build is up for sale and looks real nice.

The older I grow the more I think this is my next roadster with windows.

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