Looking Back — 2016

As we head into the final month of 2016, I will look back at the year and review some of the great events I attended. I always come away with some dream Hot Rods that were my favorites on Pewsplace.  If you follow this site, you will know that I pretty much stick to Deuces, Model 40’s, 1940 and 46-48 Fords and Woodies of all years. I have recently had a great deal of respect for the shoebox convertibles also. I think they have become popular as something different to build and enjoy. I know of several under construction and believe Bobby Alloway’s black beauty to be the best one so far.

Snow in many parts of the country, including California, means it is time to do some winter refreshing or building something new for the spring season. The GNRS is just a short time away and brings lots of you to the West Coast for the big show and see who wins AMBR. I am not familiar with any entries so far, but I’m sure there will be 10 or more to capture our attention. My rehabilitation period has lasted longer than I expected but still has only been less than 5 weeks. I do know that having surgery at 40 and 75 makes a big difference in recovery time. Jane tells me it gives me lots of time to dream and plan the work on Pepe or my next chassis project. She is always a supporter for my hobby. I am a lucky guy to have her assistance when required both physically and mentally.

I started my Christmas shopping today on Cyber Monday. And was that ever easy. No walking, fighting crowds or pushing salespeople — just Google, hit your choice, Amazon Prime and the packages will arrive in a day or two. Granted that doesn’t do much for the brick and mortar stores that are awaiting the crowds. Don’t worry, there’re plenty of shoppers along with my wife who will fill up the carts with presents for the children. My chassis jig is empty but I don’t think Jane has any intentions of replacing some Deuce rails for me. Maybe Santa will have to do the job!!!

Enjoy your month of getting into the Holiday Spirit and weather permitting, take a little ride in your Hot Rod.

Happy Holidays!



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Nice ride do you want to follow me to the station so we can inspect it? Nope!


One of my highlights was driving Walt’s Boyd roadster at Don’s Coffee and Kix. I even fit in the small space.

Merry Christmas 2008

I fell in love with Don’s Deuce sedan back in 2008 after seeing it at the Petersen in 2007.


Steadfast set the bar real high with his Deuce sedan and is still my favorite.


The B-400 is always a show stopper and we have several in our area. Conversions have been successful in recent years.


I must have walked around Paul’s Phaeton a million times at the GNRS both with and without fenders.


Garage tours allowed me to view some interesting projects going togheter in our area. Jim this is what they look like with wood!!!


SO-CAL put this masterpiece together using an LS3 motor for power. A keeper in my mind.


I watched Geoff do his magic on this beauty. I parked right next to him on the Early Times run. A special sedan and a RJ feature.


A local sedan is also a real clean build and is driven which is what I like. The 33 is my favorite.


Roy can build a 4-door and make it look great.


The 4-door that belongs in my garage is this beauty by Roy for Bruce. This is number 1 with me.


Cory and Dan worked hard to achieve the “Look” for AMBR for 2016! Darryl put his magic paint and detail to take the big one! Congrats!


This cutie showed up on FB and I like the simplicity and style.


I appreciate what it takes to make and engine compartment to look this good.


Your classic Deuce roadster captured by Dean Court!


Bobby built this shoebox and it was an instant success with me.


I have followed this one for years but have never seen the finished product. I guess Santa should send it to my garage.


In closing if you prefer the “Gentleman’s Ride” then ask Roy to build you one. Lots of subtle work on this one.

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