Looking ahead to a New Year

I am turning 76 years old in a couple of weeks and think it is about time to decide what I want to end up with for my final rides. Thanks to Walt, I have a beautiful sedan delivery that will soon be back on the road and would like to have another ride as a back up. I have plenty of room in my garage for a couple more cars. If I look at my activities over the past few years they have been geared more toward driving the back roads than attending rod runs. The Woody shows are Jane and my favorites but the cost of a woody is out of my budget these days. I also like roadsters (32-34) Fords and convertibles (40-48) Fords — either would be welcomed to Pepe’s extra space.

I am too old to build any more cars (maybe a frame would be doable) so I continue to search the want ads for complete cars or nearly complete projects (my preference). I sell cars on my site so I see many come across my keyboard that are really nice and priced fairly. Some are really high priced and they need a buyer with deep pockets, but others are priced less than you could build one for. Take for example, my friend with a Deuce roadster. He has had a difficult time selling for some reason and it is basically brand new steel beauty with a few miles . The current market is very slow on Deuce hiboy roadsters and I don’t know why other than the market is flooded with them. Perhaps the spring will bring some new buyers out who haven’t owned a Deuce roadster (hard to believe). Convertibles on the other hand seem to be selling and priced reasonable. Maybe it is the age of the enthusiast and the tired old bones that require a little more comfort when going down the highway or driving the back roads. Whatever reason you can come up with, will be good enough to convince your spouse that you need a new ride for this year.

The GNRS is fast approaching and this is the 85th anniversary of the Deuce, which hopefully, will be celebrated to some extent this year. I know Dale Grau, Mr. Deuce, will be offering a nice key ring commemorating the occasion that all Deuce lovers will want to have in their collection. The Deuce will always be the uno numero in my book as the iconic Hot Rod. Maybe I should have another one as my final ride.

Remember dreams do come true — What’s yours?

Stay Tooned!


click on photo for a larger image


Front and back side shown.

Dale Grau is offering these nice commemorative key chains for the 85th Anniversary of the Deuce. He will have some at the GNRS.


For those of you who attended the 75th extravaganza in Pomona you probably have one of these in your collection.


Perhaps you will see some nice Deuces at this years GNRS such as this one.


I know this one will be in building 4 for all to observe.


Rudy has been working on this one in his spare time. Maybe this would be a nice addition for Pepe.


Dennis has quite a collection of model 40’s but is letting this one go. Perfect mate for Pepe.


Yes, I have a current thing for the shoebox convertible. Note bubble skirts.


If you follow Pewsplace then you know I love the chopped sedan hiboy as show above.


My first Hot Rod was a Deuce 5-window and I love this look. All Black!!!


Another roadster would be nice also.


A sinister 5-widnow 34 would be a perfect mate for Pepe.


A project like this one would be my number one choice.


I also like the 34 Cabriolet but not a project like this one.


Jane has always loved the 34 Cabriolet like this one. Black is the color on these for me.


A project 40 – 48 woody like this would also fit in the garage.


Doug Carr can do the wood in his sleep he has done so many of these. Not sure what he charges these days. He just completed the wood on this build.


Of course, if my ship comes in, I will step up to a done one.


Last is the one I let get away. Terry did a great job of finishing the car to my liking.


Here is Terry when he first finished Lucy and let me have a seat for a trial fitting. I fit in these roadsters with room to spare.

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