Living the Dream

Sometimes we need to be thankful for what we have and realize that what we want may be just a dream. This past weekend was a good example of why I am very satisfied with “status quo”. I am the number one dreamer in our family and have for many years told my children not to give up their dreams. Dreaming and seeing them come true always provides self satisfaction for everyone. My perfect weekend started Saturday morning with Coffee and Kix in the Valley which was very well attended. I spent a lot of time looking at George’s super nice 40 coupe that he has be working on for 6 years. The car is perfection and one of the best around. I looked at all the cars, talked to several cars guys and then decided to head over to the Reagan Library. I had a tip that the Roadster Roundup (annual gathering of roadsters from the state) was being held nearby and all those beautiful roadsters would be parked at the Library. I live right below the venue so I took a drive up the windy road to see what I could see. Upon approaching the entrance, I could see the red shirt of an LA Roadster member directing traffic to the top of the hill. The place was really packed at 10 o’clock and after traveling up a short distance I could see all the multi-colored roadsters lining up for the gathering at the Library. I pulled over and watched 40-50 roadsters roll up the hill. What a wonderful experience to see these roadsters practically in my back yard. I was driving Pepe so several of the drivers waved as I knew them and their cars. That was just the start of the perfect weekend. That same evening Jane and I attended the Wendy drive cruise-in and talked to several of our car friends while experiencing near perfect weather. Pepe ran excellent and the front bumper is still attached as installed. After a stop for a hot fudge sundae, we headed home. The bed felt good but the dreams of the day felt even better. Living the dream came true today.

Sunday was more of the same. Family members home for the weekend, football and tennis on the TV combined with more car events made me realize that I am living the dream I have thought about for years. Sure, I will continue to “Dream” but I was a happy camper this weekend.

We are headed out Tuesday for another great trip up the coast to meet our friends from the Central Coast Roadsters in Solvang.

Stay Tooned!


Pepe was showing off his new bumper to the Coffee crowd. Mostly favorable comments on the addition of the bumper. I am happy. The car has the 70’s look which is what I was after, Halibrands, flames and not to far from stock.

George had his primo 40 coupe standing tall for all of us to admire. He keeps his cars spotless and in perfect running condition.

Frantic put a new chassis and driveline under the little red coupe. The motor is a ZZ383-425 hp crate goodie from GM. The car is fast.

Frank’s 3 window is a nice ride with lots of class. We discussed chopped versus stock height and the decision would be hard on a car this nice.

Frank’s coupe has my style of interior installed for his comfort. Classic style fits the car perfectly.

This little shoebox was very straight and clean. Frenched headlighs, tail lights, nosed and decked along with door handle removal made it 50’s perfect.

Very seldom seen but always appreciated is the 46-48 Chevrolet convertible. Fully restored this one was picture perfect.

Gary from MN is getting ready for the Winter by making sure his garage floor is fully covered in black and white tile. The trio are (LtoR) 40 coupe, 40 convertible and 34 sedan.

I should have invented the battery tenders. The Jukebox has all the oldies for getting in the mood. Nice work Gary.

My friend George saved the ad from Richard Teubner whom he purchased his $150 Deuce Vicky in 1971. I live in Detroit then and purchased parts from him also. He had all the good stuff.

George still has the Vicky in his fleet of Deuces. Someday he will finish it his way. I suppose Wayne Henderson’s black Vicky started the love of the Victoria body style made by Murray.

Monday’s Roadster Dreamers!

We always have a planned stop for the body stretching exercise and hunt for a tree in the woods. The young guy keeps us on our toes. See you in Solvang at the Alisal River Grill.

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