Life’s Well Traveled Roads

As we follow the road through life, it is important to stop and take a good look at where we have been so far. I seem to be doing that more and more as I grow older. Perhaps the road was not so rough in the early days with good health and a “can do” attitude or maybe the memories that were embedded in our minds keep reminding us of how important those memories really are to our well being. For whatever reason TBT (throw back Thursday) was initiated on FB, I truly enjoy seeing all the old photos from car guys and the children who grew up in a family who had the passion for old cars. Even if they weren’t hot rods, they have some meaning for most of us.

I am sure most of you can recall some of your families automobiles and the times you enjoyed riding or driving them. We all had the first date driving the family car and your parents were in an anxiety state until you arrived home. In my case, my father helped me purchase my first car and I drove it on my first date without incident. Her parents even commented on why the front end was dragging on the ground (rake). Since I am in my middle seventies, I have traveled many roads in different hot rods and have fond memories of each of them. I have also been a photo collector most of my life and have volumes of photos of our family and my automobiles.  I often scan some of these and use them on my blog. If you haven’t looked through those shoeboxes full of photos, then take some time and scan the ones that make you smile and keep them in your digital files. Warning — this could bring back some very pleasant memories and times in your life, so be prepared to have some tears in your eyes.

The oil spill in our favorite retreat is unfortunate for those of us who enjoy this beautiful city on the coast, but I am confident the clean up will be quick and soon the beaches will be back to normal. Life’s journey is not always pleasant and we must be adaptive to the situation at hand. Dealing with a road that takes an occasional jog is part of the reason we need to look at where we have been, as well as where we think we are going in the future.

Thought for the day — Life can be fulfilling if you take time to enjoy the moment, share the moment and encourage others to do the same.

Stay Tooned!



We should all be thankful for the men and women who served and those who gave all to help keep American safe from those who wish to violate our country.

Happy Memorial Day

Lynn 34 SD Detriot

I was fresh out of the West Point Military Academy and drug this 34 delivery home to MI where I started my career with General Motors for the second time. I flat towed it behind the Ford station wagon shown on the right. August 1969


Jerry owns the delivery today and keeps it in great condition. The car has traveled many different roads and provided all of its owners with a reason to smile.


Malibu also has some tranquilizing shoreline to admire from the front seat of your hot rod.


Jane and I often cruise the Malibu coast just for the views and the vibes you receive from driving a Woody down this famous strip of real estate. Thanks Walt.


Walt and Lorraine joined the tour this week and enjoyed Santa Barbara — pre-oil spill.


When the road you traveled looks like this you know life has been good to you. Becky and Benny own the Brizio built roadster with the scallops.


Sometimes the roads we travel lead us to victory and rewards that will stay with us forever. Note driver position.


Venues are not always of the hot dog and beer variety. Class is also present at some of the events even though the roads may have been rough.


Fairground cars are always in top shape in hopes of some recognition. Parking is important to these folks who want to be seen. I love the 39 converts !!!


Vern and Boyd traveled many roads and never looked back. Legends in their own time who left us too soon.


Truly my favorite of the Mercury customs has also travelled all the roads and went on all the rides.


Sometimes the journey takes a fork in the road and finds a new path to follow. Bob misses this one.

Father and Son Journey


I doubt that either of these two have seen many road miles but I can tell you they could be driven and with style if need be.


Scott’s sedan has seen many road miles and looks like some future drivers may be in line for their turn.


His father also has a beautiful Deuce that was originally built by Boyd and others. SO-CAL just redid the car which turned out fantastic. Many miles have passed under this one but now it’s time to look to the future.

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