Life’s Decisons

At age 77 one is on the back nine of his life and must plan out the remaining years he has left. No one knows his lifespan but can sure make wise decisions about his day to day itinerary. Jane and I are still fairly healthy and try to keep in shape with diet and exercise.

Our social life revolves around our love of cars and driving the back roads. We also attend several events each year with our circle of friends. We are extremely grateful for their friendship. Keeping active is very important for our health and keeps the mind working.

Our car activity is based on a certain style of cars and I change often based on the events we attend. I know some of my buddies have kept their cars for most of their life, but I have owned over a hundred and never tire of trying something new. This is why I have sold both the delivery and the roadster. I am in the pursuit of a Woodie Wagon for my next adventure. The wagon offers versatility, style, and comfort for our lifestyle.

As for an open car, that will be another option if the Woodie Wagon doesn’t fit my budget. Jane and I like convertibles and comfort so it will be a 40 or 46-8 convertible which we have owned several over the years. They seem to have both style and comfort. All my purchases from now on will be finished cars as my arthritis prevents me from doing much work on them.

Stay Tooned!


The chassis 46-8 convertible makes a great ride for the agin bodies.
The 1940 wagon is another first choice.

The 46-48 Wagon is another good equal choice as a 40.
We have owned two of these 40’s and loved them.
I have an empty driveway now but will soon have at least one to drive.

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