LARS Preview

We are one month away from the LARS and I’m already excited to see the roadsters coming roaring into town. I sure hope all roadster owners plan on attending the show and displaying their roadsters for all to see and admire. I seem to see new ideas on roadsters that I hadn’t dreamed of in my plans. This old dog can still learn some new tricks.

Vendors seem to offer a new item each year that I think I should have in my garage. The Swap Meet always turns up some treasure I have been looking for and have not been able to locate. The 33 Ford grille and hood are two that I would purchase if they were priced in my range. Lol Original frames are also likely to be available especially Deuces, Model 40’s and 1940 Fords. I seem to like building frames and it keeps my mind and body active during retirement. The presence of aftermarket bodies interest me to some extent but prefer to locate something that is repairable with a few patches here and there. After all, I’m going to cut it up and make it a Hot Rod, so I don’t need to ruin a perfect body. Restorers like those types. I hate to see nice clean original bodies cut up, i.e., chopped, cowl vents filled and etc. Don’t get me wrong if the price is affordable for me, I would build a resto-roadster/phaeton in a heartbeat. If you don’t attend the LARS you will only hear about the good deals in the Swap Meet.

The Preferred Parking area is always full of cars for sale and not just in the For Sale area. If you see something you like, don’t be afraid to leave a card on the window or if the owner is nearby ask him if the car is for sale. You will be surprised how many will say maybe or yes. Cars are not cheap at the LARS as lots of people come with pockets full of money prepared to purchase and history proves top dollar is normally asked at this event. Don’t be afraid to offer in this market as Hot Rods are not bringing the big dollar of a few years ago.Foreign buyers seem to pay more for our cars than we do. Good luck!

I look forward to seeing you at the show!!

My first Deuce roadster (1972) — Purchased from Mike Martens.


Stay Tooned!


click on photo for a larger image

Greg sent along some photos of Richard’s Phaeton that Jeb has been working on for a few years. Remember his last Phaeton was on the cover of R&C.

SO-CAL built this DD and one of the owners was Simon Cowell of American Idol fame.

SO-CAL’s Open House is always a fun place to see what is going on in their busy shop. I don’t know if there are having an Open House this year. You can stop by and say hello.

If you like Model 40’s like I do then Roy Brizio can talk to you about how he build them for his customers. Roy always has an outside booth and is very approachable.

If you want to come early or if you drive down the PCH you will love the view.

If you prefer a reproduction chassis, Roy can build one like this for your Speed 33.

Having in the PP area, I came up with this beauty. I’m a Duvall windshield fan on Model 40’s.

Barry would have talked to Bruce about his old roadster. Bauder added the large front tires which was his trademark.

Ray will have Lucy on display showing his fine roadster.

I do like the A/V8 done in the SO-CAL style.

Walden’s Open House always provides lots of new projects they are working on and they have ice cream. Love those front wheels.

The stock little gas tanks give way to some larger 16 ga. trunk  mounted ones for this long trips.

You will also see some famous old roadsters that have been restored to perfection.

Sometimes Deuce guys and gals get together prior to their trip to the LARS. Dale Grau have you had a Deuce burger?

Sometimes Bruce brings this famous roadster to the show.

There will be an array of Patina style Hot Rods on display also.

who knows this beauty from MT may show up in the Swap Meet area.

Forty Ford lovers will enjoy a nice selection of this popular year Ford.

I don’t think Gary will make it this year but he has driven his Phaeton (Hot Tub) to the event several times over the Years.


Sometimes we see some real rare Deuces on display like this delivery.

If you stop by Billy’s V/8 Store you will see lots of people who have driven to the show.

Maybe I can talk to George and see if he is coming down in his delivery.

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