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The 53rd LARS is now in the books and I’m sure their next meeting will be interesting. The surprising low turnout in all categories will be a subject of discussion for the members. The new promotor, Rod Shows who is also a member, will have to do more to entice people to come back next year. For me, it was a positive experience as it has always has been. Seeing old friends, meeting new ones from all over the world, looking at the roadsters and swap meet parts still excites me. The weather was hot but bearable. I also enjoyed the new breakfast and luncheon air conditioned venue with excellent food. The BBQ dinner provided as part of your entry fee was outstanding with strawberry cake for dessert. We must continue to support this show or it will go away as so many others have done. If you are staying away because of the changes, that is your prerogative but changes are required in life in order to maintain tradition. I will continue to support the LARS as I don’t want to see it go away in my lifetime. As the saying goes, ” we tried something new and it didn’t work!” Life is about adjustments and I know John and the LARS will do what it takes to keep the show going for next year.

I spent two days at the show and open houses. Jane and I had a great time and surprising ended up driving home a roadster on Saturday night. Walt is allowing me to be the caretaker for my favorite Boyd roadster. Driving this 1991 AMBR candidate home on the freeways in 95 degree heat was an adventure I enjoyed and a test to Boyd’s team of very capable builders. His independent front and rear suspensions provide a smooth ride on one of the roughest stretches of roads in LA. Thank you Walt.

I want to thank all of my readers who stopped me and said hello. I really appreciate your reading my blog and you are what keeps me at my keyboard for the last ten years. Sorry I missed some of you but the Fairplex is a big place. Lets look at some photos of the event.

Stay Tooned!



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Open Houses


SO-CAL Open House with a tribute to the founder Pete Chapouris was a nice even this year. Lots of cars paid tribute to Pete and all of his hard work to keep the movement going.

Deuce roadsters are still going strong at SO-CAL — Several under construction.

I’m not sure what was with this half & half roadster.

There were lots of roadsters lined up in the reserved parking spots.

The Boys were out in force at SO-CAL Open House. Lot time close friends of Pete.


Walden had a large crowd for the delicious Ice Cream and water.

The number of people prevented any nice photo shots. I have seen this sedan for several years at Walden’s. Perfect metal work.

I liked this black on black Deuce from Oregon at Walden’s.

Swap Meet

Lots of unique dashes were available in the swap meet like this shown above shown in a Deuce roadster.

Rare wheels were plentiful and high priced.

This is one of several Deuce 3-windows in the swap meet area.

Jim liked the HRW this delivery as he is building one for himself.

Here is another unique dash in a Deuce.

I was tempted on this decent 33 hood for $1000 but I don’t have a body yet. This swapper had lots of model 40 parts.

Preferred Parking 

We arrived early and there was only one car I liked. This 39 convertible sedan was one I have seen many times.

Roadster Show

Even Roy’s booth was light on cars this year.

Benny had his Brizio built parked across from us and it still looks good.

This Cloud Mist Gray roadster was a nice roadster sitting on a HRCS chassis.

Jim and Walt brought there two beauties to the show. Note the space around the cars. The roadster count was way down this year.

A beautiful pair of B-400’s were parked across from us and I knew the owner of the maroon car.

Due to the lack of vendors this year the members cars were displayed in the back of building four.

Bob Drake had the largest display but only half of the building was full.

Dick Rodwell sells the laid back windshield and had all the room to display his nasty Deuce.

The ladies and gentlemen of the LARS provide a wonderful BBQ to the roadster owners as they have done for the last several years.

Rosie was waiting in the parking lot for her journey home.

After a tasty LARS BBQ, I drove Rosie home and she handled like a lady. Thanks Walt.

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  1. Lynn, Yes the show was a disappointment in many ways but there were some positives too. We keep saying that we need to keep the traditions going. Some of the important traditions were forgotten at the show this year and maybe next year the traditions will return. I will be back next year as we have to give the promoter at chance to fix it. It will not work if we don’t show up.

  2. Lynn: Couldn’t agree with you more. I spent most of my time in the swap meet area which was down in both vendors and buyers. Hopefully next year will be better. I’m optimistic, I made room reservations.

  3. Lynn you are spot on with your observations. We attended this year and expected it to be similar to years past. It was not, but still very enjoyable. All of out Roadster Twin Cities members felt the same. Everything needs to be done to work in a positive manner to keep this wonderful tradition going!

  4. Lynn, I think your observations are right on! Lots of folks expressing plenty of negativity, and there was enough of that to go around, but I, like you, would prefer to focus on the positives. As you’re so fond of saying, “No bad days!”

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