Labor Day Weekend

The big weekend is here and it is very hot in LA….too hot to do anything on the roadster, too hot to go to the car shows. I guess I will go to the mall and stay cool. I hope all of you have a great holiday at the Beach.  Do roadsters have air conditioning?
I have been away for a week so I will post some new pictures today from my travels.

Stay cool!

Thanks to Steve Hayes in Illinois for his great pictures from Dearborn.


Stay Tooned!


Perfect 3 window, sitting in Dearborn, 2007, no description required on this one!


Steve’s perfect Vicky, watch for feature in Streetrod Builder.


Steve at the test track waiting his turn. Great Photo! Thanks to Steve Hayes for his photos of Dearborn 75.


Neat Roadster Pickup at Goodguys in Pleasanton this year. Brookville body, SBC, primer.


Watch for update next week on the roadster. Get it done in 07 for sure!

Sneak Peek


1941 from Oakland. Old cool ride.

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