Labor Day Special — Forty Fords — Rags and Trucks

The summer is over for most of the world but the car events continue on in many of the warmer climates like California. We seem to never run out of automotive events that all enthusiasts can enjoy year round. The Labor Day weekends is always filled with backyard BBQ’s, pool parties and lots of fun for families who stop and celebrate the fruits of their labor. Enjoying life in whatever style you are used to — needs to lived to the fullest on this holiday weekend.

For the past 37 years, the Great Labor Day Cruise has taken place at the Orange County Fairgrounds. It still draws lots of entrants and spectators but the mix is mostly late model and fewer vendors that cater to pre-48 Hot Rods. I still go one day to see friends and cars of all kinds. The current 3-digit temperatures will make it difficult to enjoy the show as it is on blacktop. We die-hards make the effort, at least for a few more years.

My work continues on Poppy, bringing her up to snuff with some minor maintenance items. The car is surprisingly in good shape for being built in 1986. I really enjoy driving it and especially how well it fits my old aching body. The Boyd chassis is a blessing for those of us who need smooth rides for enjoyment. I finished my garage clean out of any old Ford parts and engines I had stored in the garage. I thank all of you who took them off my hands. Sometimes I feel like someone else can benefit from the parts that I will never use again in my lifetime. I can now  concentrate full time on Pepe and Poppy the loves of my life.

Age is just a number, but no one told the body that is does make a difference in being able to do what you used to do regularly. I am real careful with working on the undercarriage without the car being on a lift. My good friend Bob has three lifts that I have access to anytime I need them.

Enjoy the fruits of you labor with your family and friends this weekend and don’t forget to take the Hot Rod for a ride.

Happy Labor Day




Stay Tooned!



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The little convert with the LS engine really caught my eye. Folkstone Gray is the color.

The smooth look is preferred by some as shown in this black beauty.

Jane likes the 40 rag and especially this cutie.

I love the altered top bows on this 40 rag. Perfect!!

Roy built this for the River Garage and it is one of my favorites. The color does it for me.

The standard detailed SBC which Roy is famous for provides plenty of power.

Sid did his usual fine job of providing a matching interior.

A great looking daily driver and belongs in my garage.

A flamed 40 rag looks ready for the fall car shows.

Taking a little off the top adds some beauty this standard convertible.

It is hard to beat an all black 40 rag for sheer bliss.

If you like a little off the top on your black car then Dave’s is for you. Four inches removed from the front post and lowered bows.

The 40/41 truck is real popular despite the small cab space.

Ray’s CMG beauty brought some big bucks when he let it go. It was flawless.

I still think this is one of Eugene Gregoria’s best Ford rag top designs.

Pepe loves to attend the Outriders Picnic in September. He has a new motor this year.

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